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Shadi Bushra (Editor in Chief)

Obama’s Mic Gaffe: Too Much Frankness Between Former Foes?

Published 27 Mar 2012 in Feature, International, Issue Title

Obama’s comments to President Medvedev of Russia that he would have more “flexibility” in negotiating on a missile shield after the 2012 elections has turned into a minor embarrassment for the White House. Here’s why it’s nothing out of the ordinary.

Opinion: Selectively Divest From the Palestinian Occupation

Published 06 Mar 2012 in Campus, International

Itai Farhi of Students for Palestinian Equal Rights makes a powerful case for divesting Stanford’s endowment from companies contributing to the occupation of the Palestinian Territories.

Free Fadi – And the Rest of Palestine

Published 28 Feb 2012 in International

The detention of Fadi Quran, Stanford ’10, during a peaceful protest in the West Bank last week should serve as a reminder that Palestinians do not enjoy the same civil rights as Israelis and can be detained without charge indefinitely. Fadi’s detention is unjust – the detention of nearly five thousand Palestinians without ever seeing a civilian court is equally abhorrent.

Students Give Accounts of Police Raids at Khartoum University

Published 15 Jan 2012 in International

Khartoum University remains closed almost one month after anti-regime protests triggered a police crackdown that left dozens injured, with two students still detained after nearly four weeks in custody. In protest of last month’s crackdown and a subsequent university resolution authorizing police to enter the campus, the students have called for the university to remain [...]

The Arab League’s Self-Serving Sanctions

Published 23 Dec 2011 in Feature, International

Over the past months, the Arab League has incrementally stepped up pressure on Syria’s Bashar al-Assad, culminating in the imposition of diplomatic and economic sanctions. Since then, the League has been showered with admiration from Western governments, media outlets, and political analysts for stepping up to protect Syrian civilians and their democratic aspirations. However, it may be more accurate to comment the League for its shrewd political calculations of how the crisis could best serve its interests.

The Eurozone: Nation-States With Benefits

Published 30 Nov 2011 in International

Editor-in-chief Shadi Bushra argues that the Eurozone needs to follow proposed emergency economic measures with long-term political unification if the common monetary union is to remain competitive, or even survive.

Occupy Wall Street in Zuccotti Park is Raided

Published 15 Nov 2011 in Feature, National

After this morning’s dispersal of Occupy Oakland, NYPD has raided the OWS encampment in Zuccotti Park. Spokesmen have said that this is a “temporary” evacuation for health purposes. Livestream is below.

Watch live streaming video from occupynyc at

Chronicle of 750,000 Deaths Foretold

Published 01 Nov 2011 in Feature, International

Officials in the UN’s Organization for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) have been sending out famine warnings since last year. But governments often believe relief agencies are over-playing the risk of an emergency for their own reasons – until it happens. The global humanitarian system is based on responding to, not preventing crises. It is as much a money argument as a moral one: The UN estimates that every $1 spent in prevention saves $7 in emergency spending

How Plausible is the Iran – Saudi – US Assassination Plot?

Published 25 Oct 2011 in Feature, International

New Staff Writer Danya Alabandi unravels the tangled plot alleged by US officials that two Iranians made contact with a Mexican drug cartel to assassinate the Saudi ambassador in Washington, D.C. If it didn’t have the potential to blow up an already volatile Iran-U.S. relationship, it would make a great James Bond script.

UPDATE & VIDEO: Qaddafi killed

Published 20 Oct 2011 in Feature, International

A number of sources within the Transitional National Council have claimed that Moammar Qaddafi has been killed in the fighting at Sirt, his hometown and the last major pocket of violence. More on this soon, in the interim below are the reports from major American, British, and Middle Eastern media outlets.