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Nikola Milanovic (Business Manager)

Norway’s New Prisons: Could They Work Here?

Published 25 Aug 2010 in Illegal Until Proven Innocent, International

Much attention has been granted recently to the just-opened ‘luxury prison’ in Halden, Norway. The facility, which is being touted as the most humane prison in the world, features many amenities for its 252 inmates. And after 10 years of construction and a $22.2 million price tag, government officials say it will be worth every [...]

Homogenous Xenophobia: Change We’d better Believe In

Published 15 Jun 2010 in Illegal Until Proven Innocent, National

The midterm elections are fast approaching, where all Americans get the opportunity to reevaluate what their government stands for and what they value in state and federal policy. This year’s hot topic? Taking comprehensive strides to eliminate heterogeneity from American society. That’s right, racism is back in vogue. By now even most politically apathetic people [...]

The Poor as Consumers

Published 15 May 2010 in Perspective, Progress We Can Believe In

The poor should be welcomed in to the market, rather than ostracized by global business due to lack of purchasing power. By relying on charity and donations, impoverished countries are given an unsustainable resource for coping with the problems that result from poverty.

Denying Objectivism

Published 01 Mar 2010 in Deflecting Slash and Burn Politics, National

In a country where businesses are declaring bankruptcy, homes are foreclosing at alarming rates, and people are falling below the poverty line and into the unemployment line, can objectivism be a rationally ethical view?

The Republican Healthcare Plan

Published 09 Jan 2010 in National, Nurse Liberty: Healthcare in America

The four page Republican proposal outlines three main goals: making healthcare more affordable, making it more available and accessible, and promoting healthy lifestyles and higher quality care.

Cloud Computing and the New Tech Bubble

Published 01 Jan 2010 in Feature, The Economy: Turning the Page

Imagine the ability to access your files from any computer at any place on earth, coupled with the fastest processing speed available regardless of your operating system. This is the promise of cloud computing: an internet-based solution to the traditional problems of variable storage, accessibility, and speed of computers.