Stanford Progressive

Testing the Eurozone: The Greek Debacle and the Future of the EU

by Michael Albada

The crisis in Greece has raised old tensions and disagreements among European leaders, but hopefully the result will further strengthen, and perhaps even redefine, the EU. This situation sparked a debate among EU governments between the two unappealing choices: they could either bail out Greece, or let it drown amidst its rising interest payments—an option that might also imperil the other troubled Eurozone members, Spain and Portugal.

Letter from the Editor

by Ross Raffin

The Supreme Court itself has claimed on multiple occasions that James Madison’s strict understanding of the necessary and proper clause has been subsumed by Chief Justice John Marshall’s more permissive views. The quasi-monarchist Alexander Hamilton, not Thomas Jefferson, pervades the modern constitutional system. In reality, healthcare does not expand federal powers past any previous precedent.