Stanford Progressive

Racial Inequality and Affirmative Action in Education in Brazil

by Stephanie Gimenez Stahlberg

Affirmative action is designed to compensate historically discriminated groups for disadvantages pressed upon them, be it on the basis of racism or other forms of discrimination. These policies have been experimented and implemented in many different countries, and began to be implemented by some public Brazilian universities in 2004. In the case of Brazil, affirmative [...]

Homogenous Xenophobia: Change We’d better Believe In

by Nikola Milanovic

The midterm elections are fast approaching, where all Americans get the opportunity to reevaluate what their government stands for and what they value in state and federal policy. This year’s hot topic? Taking comprehensive strides to eliminate heterogeneity from American society. That’s right, racism is back in vogue. By now even most politically apathetic people [...]

Righting Republican (and Democratic) Wrongs: A Review of Financial Reform

by Ross Raffin

Arguing that voting for the current financial reform bill equates to bail-outs is the same as arguing that no one should have voted for the 1964 Civil Rights Act because it enforces Jim Crow. Deregulation trends from the past few decades alongside evolving financial markets created huge regulatory gaps which were exploited by groups such [...]