Stanford Progressive

The United Kingdom Looks Aghast at its Former Colony’s Climate Consensus

by Andrew Schein

Three cheers for California voters protecting their Global Warming Solutions Act by voting down Proposition 23. Still, the British students who phone-banked against Prop 23 with Andrew Schein at Oxford were flabbergasted that the Proposition even had a shot. Here, the scientific consensus is also the political consensus. If only the same were true in the States.

Progressivism Today: Talk is Cheap

by Emma Ogiemwanye

There are very few American leaders who acknowledge the fact that our country has serious structural issues. Even smaller is the number of those leaders who have made actual progress towards eradicating the inequalities that are deeply embedded in our society. Emma Ogiemwanye looks into the reasons that “progressive talk” is so much more prevalent than true progressive actions.

America’s Worst Environmental Disaster in History: A Reason to Sink Climate-Change Legislation?

by Shadi Bushra

The oil that continues to gush from the remains of the Deep Horizon drilling rig stationed in the Gulf of Mexico threatens the region’s fishing and tourism industries, as well as countless marine animals and birds. It is expected to eclipse the 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill to become the United States’ worst environmental disaster ever.