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Occupy Stanford Open Letter

By admin, published December, 2011


The problems of the 21st century are pervasive, increasing in complexity and severity, and affect more people everyday. Many reformers have tried to bring change, but it was never enough. We believe that nothing short of a massive, sustained civic movement will solve these problems. This movement is happening and Occupy Stanford is a part of it.
Occupy Stanford follows the broader Occupy movement in its use of participatory democracy. Occupy is a space for discussion and an opportunity for individuals and communities to work together. Our strength lies in the choices of diverse individuals to cooperate rather than to compete. We want to live in a truly democratic society that represents and supports everyone, and we hope you will help us get there.

Some of the problems we want to solve:
- Increasing economic inequality
- Influence of wealth in government, corporate personhood, and a destructive financial
- Broken education and healthcare systems
- Tax cuts for the 1% funded by decreasing public services
- Devastating and unjust wars, and excessive military spending
- The break down of civil liberties and the rule of law
- Destruction of the environment, depletion of natural resources, and climate change

- Inform and empower students, faculty, and all its affiliates to be active citizens, ethical
business people, caring community members, and honest public servants
- Support groups on campus that fight inequalities and injustices of all forms
- Embody direct democracy and use these experiences to make Stanford more inclusive
and democratic
- Challenge the University to responsibly manage endowments and create transparency in
its investments and relationships with the government and corporate industries
- Promote Leland Stanford’s vision of a cooperative mission to serve humanity

Come join our General Assemblies on Monday @ 5 and Friday @ 12 at Occupy Meyer.

We will be at Meyer all day everyday, so please come by anytime to talk!

E-mail group:
Occupy Meyer:

This document was approved by the Occupy Stanford General Assembly on December 2, 2011.

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