"Motivate youth, for they lead the path to the future.
Inspire them, for education is their path to success.
Encourage them, for the path is often difficult to walk."

Who We Are

Project Motivation is a group dedicated to promoting higher education to minority youths through on-campus visits and Bay Area outreach.

Many high school students, particularly Latino, African American and Native American students, do not see higher education as a feasible alternative in their lives. This fact is revealed by high drop out rates and low college enrollment. These students have the highest drop out rate in California (California Department of Education). In addition, when reviewing the composition of students in higher education, the California Postsecondary Education Commission states "the presence of several groups - notably Black and Latino students - is less than expected on the basis of their proportion in California."

Project Motivation is determined to change such statistics by instilling a positive attitude towards higher education and by helping students understand the unlimited opportunities open to them. Formed in the mid-70's, Project Motivation seeks to encourage under represented high school students to pursue higher education. It is a program that facilitates the interaction between high school students and Stanford undergraduates.

Services We Offer

  • Project Motivation hosts high school visits that provide informational sessions regarding admissions, financial aid, and college life. Each visit also includes a tour, games, and the opportunity to interact with current college students.
  • Each year, Pro Mo invites Bay Area high school students to "A Day with an Undergrad" to meet Stanford students, faculty, and staff, and representatives from various student organizations and services.
  • Pro Mo visits Bay Area high schools to give Stanford informational presentations, talk with students about the benefits of higher education, and encourage students to plan for a college education.
  • In the spring, Project Motivation, participates in "Admit Weekend", a program for high school students who have been admitted to Stanford. Admits become familiar with student life on "The Farm" and the many support services and organizations of the Stanford Chicano/Latino community.

Program Information

Although Project Motivation's primary goal is to work with under represented students, our organization welcomes any high school student to participate in our programs and activities. In addition, accommodations for 7th and 8th grade students can be arranged. We can be a resource for planning everything from campus tours, to college rap sessions, to meetings with Stanford admissions and financial aid officers.

Here are a few words from student evaluations:

"My Pro Mo visit made me realize that college is for me."

"The Pro Mo staff taught me that college is a lot of work, but that if you want to, you can do it, and that you don't have to be afraid."

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