Current PSA Board of Directors

Soroosh Hemmati

Vice President

Soroosh is a second year MS student in computer science. He is super into Flamenco and enjoys swimming on the side. Challenge him to a Friends or Office trivia contest the next time you see him.

Soheil Esmaeilzadeh

Financial Officer

Soheil is a second year PhD student. As the financial officer, he is our richest board member. You might want to keep that in mind for the future. He says that our weekly group meetings rank second on his list of favorites, right below a hot thick-crust Italian pizza.

Amir Hossein Delgoshaie


Amir Hossein is a third-year PhD student. When not engaged in cutting-edge research, he is usually playing tennis or having tea. Amir Hossein is fascinated by stochastic modeling and he believes PSA weekly meetings are the most fun group meetings held on campus.

Hamed Akhondzadeh

Board Member

Hamed is a second-year PhD student in Mechanical Engineering. Whenever he is not programming, he enjoys almost any outdoor activity. He has three goals to achieve by the time he graduates: mastering tennis, classic guitar, and French. Let's wish him luck in his endeavours.

Koosha Nasiri


Koosha is a third-year PhD student in EE/ME at Stanford and our incredible ombuds. Koosha very much likes Coupa Cafe's coffee, although the only thing he cares about is the well-being of the PSA members. He is known for his kindness and sympathy and is always eager to help people.

Ali Hemmatifar

Board Member

Ali is a fifth-year PhD student in Mechanical Engineering.

Masoud Jasbi

Board Member

Masoud is a fifth-year PhD student in Linguistics.