Current PSA Board of Directors

Reza Takapoui

Vice President

Reza is a fifth-year PhD student in Electrical Engineering. He loves learning about different cultures and meeting new people. The Bay Area has transformed this formerly math-nerd to a tech and entrepreneurship enthusiast. Reza speaks fluent sarcasm.

Ramtin Keramati

Board Member

Ramtin is a second-year PhD student in ICME (Institute for Computational and Mathematical Engineering) at Stanford University. He is famous for his beautiful smile, and known as a great poet. He lives a french romantic daily life, taking coffees in the sun and enjoying life.

Koosha Nasiri


Koosha is a second-year PhD student in EE/ME at Stanford and our incredible President. Koosha very much likes Coupa Cafe's coffee, although the only thing he cares about is the well-being of the PSA members. He is known for his kindness and sympathy and is always eager to help people.

Kian Katan

Board Member

Kian is a second-year Master student in MS&E (Management Science & Engineering, CS Track). He wants to be either a rapper or a soccer player. We wish him good luck in his journey.

Yassaman Shirian

Financial Officer

Yasaman loves math and is a second-year Master student in ME department. No matter when or where you see Yassi, she is always full of energy and ready for new adventures. Yassi decided to join PSA to practice what she enjoys the most: organizing events and engaging with community in more influential ways.

Khashayar Khosravi


Khashayar is a third-year PhD student in Electrical Engineering. His is wise as shown by his glasses. He loves PSA, but PSA loves him even more. He is a great help, and always takes wise decisions. He invented the 'zamini' dance style which became famous in North Dakota in August 1999