Alumni Mentoring

General Information

Our goal in the PSA Mentorship Program is to create opportunities for students to get connected to mentors among our fellow alumni. We are very lucky to have an amazing network of former PSA members who are excited to pass along their experience and wisdom to younger generations.


All of us have experienced a situation in which we need advice from someone who has been in our shoes in the past. We all had questions about developing a career path, and wished we knew people who could help us in making decisions regarding our professional life. We could use someone's experience in strategizing our course work and research, or even learn from him/her how to approach other professionals for internship or full-time opportunities.


Professional experience of our fellow alumni is invaluable to our students. Our goal in this program is to match a student with a mentor from PSA alumni so that he/she can receive their invaluable advice on topics such as career and professional development, building stronger networks, evaluating a job offer, etc.This mentorship can cover anything from simple questions such as "Is it unprofessional to ask for an interview reschedule because I have an exam?" to trickier questions like "Which of these internship opportunities can help me develop better data science understanding?"

Mentors and Mentees

Mentors: Students are aware that alumni’s time is very limited and valuable, and the dynamics of this interaction will be based on the mentor’s preference. In regard to this, we request you to fill out the following survey (~2 minutes), and we will follow up with you very soon.

Mentees: For those of you who are interested, we ask you to fill out this survey. We have reached out to alumni, and many of them are really excited about getting connected to a student as their mentee through this program.