PSA events in 1993-94 academic year.

PSA's Logo and T-Shirt Design - November 1993
PSA conducted a competition for the design of a logo. It was decided to have the PSA's logo on a T-shirt. Four people submitted entries for the design, of which the one designed by Mehrdad was selected. Behfar had a lot of problems getting the design finalized and in computer-readable format. PSA gave the T-shirt printing job to the ASSU shirt Shack which is an ASSU business venture. They contract it out to the lowest price T-shirt printer they can find. PSA's T-shirts came out pretty cheap (about $6.00 per shirt) and they were sold for $10.00 at the PSA's fall quarter party and also to interested members.
Fall Quarter Party - Tresidder Union- November 20, 1993
PSA hosted a dance party at Oak Lounge of Tresidder Union. A professional DJ (Sergio) was hired. The party had a great turn out (140 people) who were mostly local Iranians from SIP and other groups. Admission fee was $10 ($5 for students). Soft drinks were served at the party for free. The revenue was amazing (around $500) and this was in fact the most profitable PSA's activity in that year.
Speech about Tehran Workstation - Sweet Hall- December 3, 1993
Farhad Shakeri and Anoosh Hosseini talked about Tehran workstation and what is on it. About fifteen people showed up. A few of attendees were off campus people. A PSA T-shirt was presented to each of the speakers.
Art Exposition - Tresidder Union- January 5 to January 30, 1994
PSA held an art exhibition in cooperation with the Office of Student Activities (OSA) which has control over the exposition area in Tresidder. The artists were introduced to PSA by Ms. Tanaz Jafarian, a board member of "Kanoone Iraniane Shomale California". She also helped in organizing the exhibition. The participating artists presented their works in the following areas.
  1. Minoo Alasti: Miniature
  2. Kourosh Angali: Surrealism
  3. Taraneh Hemami: Modern art
  4. Naderay Howard: Photography

Three artists participated in the reception that was held on Jan 12. OSA generously paid for the food to be served at the reception. This food was catered by the catering service of Tresidder. About twenty people showed up for the reception.

Undergraduate Party -Baccarat Restaurant- February 11, 1994
PSA subsidized an undergraduate dinner event at an Iranian restaurant, with the goal of bringing together Iranian undergraduates, who had traditionally shunned previous PSA activities. The attendance was good: 4 PSA board members, 1 graduate student, and 14 undergraduates from a population of 21 Iranian undergraduates.
Election Meeting -International Center- February 24, 1994
This was the second officer election of the PSA. Fortunately there was more candidates than the offices. Candidates introduced themselves and the meeting was followed by a discussion about the election procedure. The meeting was quite unorganized due to the mismanagement of the organizers.
Speech about oil-producing economies -International Center- March 2, 1994
Dr. Iraj Imam talked about Petroleum Based Accumulation and oil-producing economies. About twenty people both from on and off campus showed up. The talk was in English. PSA presented him a dedication plaque bought from Stanford Bookstore.
Sizdeh Bedar Picnic- Vessona Park- April 2, 1994
Although only a few PSA members showed up, it was a good opportunity to see other local Iranians and advertise our Nowrooz celebration which was in the evening of the same day. A soccer game was also part of the program.
Nowrooz Celebration- Tresidder Union- April 2, 1994
PSA held a celebration for Nowrooz as a combination of speech, and Persian dance and music. The performers were as follows.
  1. Massoud Sepand (Speaker)
  2. Giti Hormozyari (In charge of Sofre-ye-Haft-Seen. She also gave a short talk about it)
  3. Nahid Behtaj (Dancer)
  4. Houshang Pakpour et al (Traditional Music)

More than 120 people attended the program and it led to $115 revenue for PSA. The activity was extremely well-organized and everything went exactly as the schedule which was handed out at the door. This event was a major success for PSA and benefited the help of many people. The Persian version of the event's flyer and also the bilingual schedule was prepared by Rasool and Babak. Rasool was in charge of taking picture at the night of the event. Hedieh Yaghmaee and Gena Heydari helped in selling tickets.

Persian Movie- International Center- April 19, 1994
PSA showed the movie "Bicycle rAn". About ten people showed up.
International Festival-International Center- May 14, 1994
PSA participated in the festival presenting Persian handicrafts, artworks, rugs, books and music. Behfar, Babak and Hadi brought the stuff that was put on the table. PSA signed a contract with Hamid Aghajan to cook and sell the food at the festival. According to the contract, PSA received 30% of the profit and helped Hamid to serve the food at the festival.
PSA's first birthday celebration-Tresidder Union- May 20, 1994
PSA celebrated its first birthday by a program divided into two parts: dance and music performance arranged by Ms. Behtaj, and a DJ-type music by Afshin. A short Tanz talk was also given by Majid Tehrani in the first part. The number of attendees was around 80 where many of them came late only for the dance party. PSA lost around $280 due to the low attendance.
Amendment Meeting- International Center- May 24, 1994
In this meeting three amendments to the PSA's constitution proposed by some of the members were finalized. These items were finally added to the constitution after the referendum.
Literary Talk- Tresidder Union- August 7, 1994
Dr. Nasrin Khazaee, a former Persian Literature professor, talked about Parvin Etesami and her contribution to the Persian poetry. About 35 people attended the talk. PSA presented Dr. Khazaee a plaque. The program started by an introduction to PSA and introducing the speaker, both given by Jalil. Then Dr. Khazaee talked for 45 minutes and after a short break, she answered the questions.

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