Shirin Ebadi at Stanford University


The Persian Student Association and

The ASSU Speakers Bureau
atStanford University
proudly present


A Talk by


2003 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate


Shirin Ebadi


Democracy,Pluralism and Human Rights


When: Saturday, May 22nd, 2004 , At 7:00pm (doors open at 6:15pm)

Where: Memorial Auditorium, Stanford University (click here for directions)


This event is open to public with no admission fee.


No reservation is available, first-come first-served.


The main talk will be given in Persian (Farsi) with interspersed English translation and it will be followed by a question and answer segment.You can send your question to . (See the FAQ section for more info)



If you are a Stanford affiliate, please bring your SU ID with you. Some of the seats are reserved for Stanford affiliates. (See the FAQ section for more info)












Memorial Aud Address:

551 Serra Mall, Stanford, CA 94305


Memorial Aud on Stanford Map

Memorial Aud on Map Quest


Memorial Aud is located in front of Hoover tower. You can use any of the parking lots in Galvez street or the Oval parking lot (see the map).


From 101: Take Embarcadero exit. Embarcadero Street will become Galvez. You can park at Memorial Way parking lot; or turn right on Campus drive and left on Palm Drive and park at Oval parking lot.


From 280: Take Page Mill exit, continue and turn left on El Camino Real, and then left again on Galvez. You can park at Memorial Way parking lot; or turn right on Campus drive and left on Palm Drive and park at Oval parking lot.




Major Funding by Iranian friends of Mrs. Shirin Ebadi

Persian Student Association (PSA)

ASSU Speakers Bureau (SB)

Stanford Institute for International Studies (IIS)

Office of President (click here)

Dean of Humanities office

Graduate Student Council (GSC)



Shirin Ebadiís Biography


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The Persian Student Association at Stanford University, a non-religious and non-political student volunteer organization dedicated to the dissemination and appreciation of Iranian culture and traditions in the Stanford community in addition to being a source of support and community for Iranians and Iranian-Americans in the university, is proud to announce its sponsorship of the visit of 2003 Nobel Peace Prize recipient Shirin Ebadi to Stanford University on the 22nd of May.


The human rights lawyer Dr. Shirin Ebadi, famous for being the first female judge in Iran before the revolution of 1979 and a noted advocate of women's and refugee's rights often at odds with the theocratic Islamic Republic of Iran, was honored as a Nobel Peace Prize recipient due to her research on Islam as a starting point for effecting social change. With Islam as her starting point, Ebadi campaigns for peaceful solutions to social problems, and promotes new thinking on Islamic terms. She has displayed great personal courage as a lawyer defending individuals and groups who have fallen victim to a powerful political and legal system that is legitimized through an inhumane interpretation of Islam. Ebadi has shown her willingness and ability to cooperate with representatives of secular as well as religious views.


(Click here for Shirin Ebadiís Biography on Nobel official site)


Frequently Asked Questions


What is the capacity of the Memorial Aud?

There are 1700 seats available at Memorial Auditorium.


Is there any reservation? How can I get tickets?

No reservation is available. First come first served. Doors open at 6:15pm. So come early if you want to make sure that you can enter. Tickets will be distributed at the door on May 22nd (day of the event) at 6:15pm.One ticket per person.


How do the tickets work? Are there seat assignments?

Tickets will be distributed at the door at 6:15pm. ONLY One ticket per person. You get one ticket and then you go in. There are no seat assignments on tickets.


Are there any tickets reserved for Stanford affiliates? Are there any VIP tickets?

Yes, 500 of the tickets are reserved for Stanford affiliates. They are also distributed at the day of event from 6:15pm. So please bring your SU ID with you on the day of event.VIP tickets are reserved for our sponsors only.


What language will Mrs. Ebadi talk?

Both the main talk and the question and answer segment will be given in Persian (Farsi) with interspersed English translation.


How does the Question and Answer part work?

We will provide small cards and pencils for you to write your questions. They will be collected at the end of Mrs. Ebadiís talk, and some of them will be selected randomly. You can also email us your questions now. Please send them to


How can we get in contact with Mrs. Ebadi?

Unfortunately we cannot help you in this regard. Sorry.




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