Candidates for the academic year 2004-2005

Dear PSA Member,

The two week PSA election period is officially over now. Here's the results of election for PSA officers for 2004-2005.

Congratulations to the elected officials and I wish them a great year, full of accomplishments.

Sina Zahedi
2003-2004 Ombudsperson

President (1 position) Votes
Sina Sohangir 20
Pooya Sarabandi 18
Reza Navid 9
Ali Motamedi 7
Board Member (4 positions) Votes
Sina Sohangir 51
Negin Nejati 48
Ali Motamedi 45
Pooya Sarabandi 43
Reza Navid 41
Amir Ali Talasazi 29
Ombudsperson (1 position) Votes
Sam Kavusi 37

Please submit your votes to Sina Zahedi.
Please select one candidate for president, four candidates for board members, and one candidate for ombudsperson.

Board Member/President

My Name is Ali Motamedi and I am a Graduate student of EE department. I am planning to run for PSA (Persian Student Association) for the position of presidency. First of all I would like to thank PSA board members in all previous years; they enriched our community by arranging events and activities to promote the Persian culture and to introduce it to the whole Stanford community. As a PSA member and a part of PSA body I have been a participant in many of these activities; I observed the fortitude and diligence of the people who directly or indirectly helped organize these events and their innovation and confidence in starting new ones to satisfy the taste of members of our diverse community. My primary intention to run for this election is to contribute to the continuum of this devotion and innovation as best as I can. I have some action plans in my mind that I would like to emphasize if I was chosen as a board member; first I envision the possibility of new kinds of events that can be added to the usual events so far held and organized by PSA, this can be done by the brainstorming with a diverse board and getting feedback from the members to finally add the new events to the body of PSA contributions. My other action plans is to make new connections with other students association at Stanford, and Iranian student associations in other universities to organize joint event (Cultural/Intellectual/Just Fun!). This trend began in the last board by organizing the successful GPT party that should be continued and expanded in the next board. I am determined in creating new dimensions for PSA activities and I hope the support of you members responds to my enthusiasm. Thank you

Board Member/President

Today, PSA is one of the largest student organizations on campus. This organization represents our culture and broadcasts the voice of Iranian student body at Stanford. The potentials of this successful organization, however, go well beyond these tasks. This organization can help our community by making strong connections among us. Of course we have certain commitments to participate in cultural venues to represent our country. After all, as much as we enjoy learning about other cultures, we shouldn't deprive others from this pleasure. However, this should not be the main focus of PSA. We want PSA to directly serve our community in the first place. I am concerned that recently the close connection between different generations of Iranian students coming to Stanford is getting weak. I vividly remember that in September 2001, when I came here, we had a close connection to older students who constantly helped us through our first few months at Stanford. I feel that this connection is getting weak. If we lose this connection from generation to generation it will be very hard to develop again. With its current dynamics, I am not sure to what extent PSA can help on this issue. However I am sure that I will try to change anything that stands in the way of having an organization, which improves communication among all of us. This is a worthy cause for which I am ready to invest time and effort and would need your help to succeed.

Board Member

PSA is a strong, large and diverse group with good amount of resources that has been inherited to us. To me, PSA board members are there to act as a bridge between these resources and the members and to make the organizations easier. To be able to satisfy the expectations of our members, I believe there should be a close collaboration between board and members in planning and running the PSA events. In my idea, this not only guarantees the diversity of the programs but also provides a good opportunity for members to get to know each other better. I myself, as a PSA member, would like to see more interaction between all the members. Being Iranian is a common point that we share, yet there are a lot of different backgrounds and viewpoints that make us who we are. I believe these diversities shouldn't break our little society into smaller ones and instead we can use them to have some interesting events from time to time. I am also interested in having joint events with other organizations and cultural groups. I believe we shouldn't isolate ourselves from other nationalities. In my opinion, this is a good way to both learn from them and also to build a good reputation for Iran.

Board Member/President

My name is Pooya Sarabandi. I'm a third year PhD student in the Department of Civil Engineering. When I arrived in the States three years ago- knowing almost nobody at Stanford- there were PSA members who helped me through those first intense months, a group of people I always benefited from their company and experiences. So, I believe now it is my turn to return something to this community. In terms of cultural activities; besides our traditional participations in I-Gala festival and other University-scheduled events, I would like to start over our movie-screening series. I also like to increase the number of our gatherings by having either more formal panel-discussions or informal friendly-gatherings in which we can discuss selected topics as politics, history or any other topic of common interests. In terms of non-cultural activities; I would like to add some outdoor fun-activities such as group-hiking, rafting, bowling and paintball in to our agenda. It also would be great if we can put few teams together for intramurals (soccer, volleyball, basketball and etc.). I'm sure nobody has a problem with more off-campus barbecues/picnics or one-day trips either.

Board Member/President

During the past years, we all have seen lots of successful activities and events initiated by PSA. I believe we have all enjoyed PSA barbecues, parties or trips, and felt a bit of pride and self satisfaction when PSA have had a good turn out in attracting Persian community of bay area to Stanford for a seminar or a concert. Just like any of you, I believe that, as Stanford students, we are given a great opportunity to use available resources to our own, our country and our culture's good. I believe this has been done to a great extent before, we should try to continue it. Being in Stanford as a prestigious university, with the largest Persian Student concentration in the US I hope we can promote PSA to play the role of a coordinator between PSAs of other universities as well. But the most important aspect of PSA in my humble opinion, is to improve the level of relation and coordination between the PSA members. We are all here as Iranians, but with possibly vast different backgrounds and viewpoints. These differences shouldn't keep us from knowing each other and meeting each other every once in a while though. Well! PSA is an interesting community with great achievements and goals. But with a weakness! We don't get to see each other under the realm of PSA. We don't get to see each other to decide what is good to be done for the PSA. I hope I can open up the PSA structure to every body and ask every body to bring up new ideas and of course new cooperation. Maybe we can start the effort by having a few PSA dinners during the year? Just have the dinner and talk about PSA... I have to think later to see how we can attract the undergrad crowd though! any comments?

Board Member

Persian Student Association has an important role in gathering Stanford Persian students as a union. In addition, Stanford as a prestigious university gives PSA a high credit and possible potentials for intra- Stanford events. During the past two years, I enjoyed fun and cultural events organized by PSA and now I like to continue these activities and make some improvement by the help of PSA members as active players in holding events. I will try to coordinate different kind of events based on our community demands.


Here at Stanford, we have the opportunity to be exposed to several cultures. This opportunity makes me humble and at the same time proud of my own great culture. The Persian culture is full of celebration and pride. Through thousands of years it has persevered of being ruled by people from different parts of the world who were unable to make a dominant change in the Persian culture. In the past, PSA has played a significant role in our lives. As ombudsperson, I intend to encourage the board to be even more open to the possibilities and more approachable by its members.

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