Candidates for the academic year 2007-2008

Salaam Doostan,

Thanks to great participation in this year election, we now have the final result for the next year's board of directors.

First, I want to congratulate the new board and also thank everyone who participated in the election either by showing up at the election night or voting by email, especially the people who rushed to the voting last night! Of course, I have to thank the current board for all the hard work and getting so many of the members involved with PSA.

Please don't forget to congratulate the new board by promising them that you will be helping them for organizing events next year! PSA would not survive without the help of each and every member.

Ali Faghfuri
PSA Ombudsperson 06-07

President (1 position) Votes
Mohammad Shoeybi 56
Shadi Gholizadeh 36
Board Member (4 positions) Votes
Mohammad Shoeybi 78
Shadi Gholizadeh 62
Hedi Razavi 58
Shirin Jalali 53
Parastoo Nikaeen 53
Golnaz Alipour 34
Hamid Bazargan 34
Ombudsperson (1 position) Votes
Narges Bani Asadi --

Please submit your votes to Ali Faghfuri (please put "PSA elections 2007" in the subject line).
Select one candidate for president, four candidates for board members, and one candidate for ombudsperson.

Board Member/President
Undergraduate, Psychology
Email: shadig AT stanford DOT edu

Dear Fellow PSA Members,

My name is Shadi Gholizadeh and I am an Undergraduate student majoring in Psychology and minoring in Arabic Studies, graduating next year. Though I was only four months old when I left Iran, I have tried my best to learn about my native culture and preserve it in my daily life. Having lived in the Bay Area most of my life, I have been blessed to live in a "mini-Iran" full of opportunities to learn about Persian culture and be surrounded by Iranians of all ages and backgrounds.

Through my work with many organizations, I have developed strong ties with many groups such as the Iranian Federated Women’s Club, Beshkan Dance Academy, Children of Paradise (a non-profit benefiting children in Iran) and have connections to students and officers in many of the Persian student groups in our area, as well as Bay Area Iranians who would love to be involved and support PSA events.

I have not run for the board in the past, because I wanted to make sure that I would be able to devote the necessary time and energy the position requires- and I am now very able to do so! I feel as though I am in a unique position as an undergraduate to recruit undergrads for more active participation in the PSA while maintaining and continuing the great work of the current board. I will briefly summarize what I hope to bring to the position if I am elected:

  1. Continue the Persian dance class that I have taught for the past year with a greater emphasis on performances, recruitment, and networking with other Bay Area Persian dance groups.
  2. Conduct a detailed survey of what events undergrads would find most appealing and tailor upcoming events to ensure greater undergraduate involvement (I have already casually begun this through Facebook and have compiled a great list so far!)
  3. More volunteer opportunities for PSA Members. I know many of us would like to give our time and skills to organizations that support Iranian youth and charitable causes, but are simply unsure of where to go. I have begun planning for a mentorship program through my fellowship as a HAAS Leadership Fellow matching Bay Area High School students with PSA members for motivation and academic advice. Also, I know of many opportunities for students to actually design their own projects, fundraisers, and give their time and talents to Persian organizations who would love to have Iranian students helping them out.
  4. Promote greater communication and involvement with other Iranian student groups at nearby Universities such as Santa Clara, UC Berkeley and UC Davis.
  5. More support for Iranian students through more frequent gatherings so that we all feel a part of a caring, friendly, and fun environment.

I have a great deal of passion and energy to devote to the PSA and I truly hope to receive the opportunity to do so. Thank you !

Board Member/President
Graduate, Mechanical Engineering
Email: shoeybi AT stanford DOT edu

Dear Fellow PSA Members,

My name is Mohammad Shoeybi, and I am a third year PhD student in the Department of Mechanical Engineering. I received my B.S. from Sharif University of Technology and started the Master’s program here at Stanford in September of 2004.

As a Persian who left his country for the first time, I found the transition to a different culture to be an extremely challenging undertaking. As several of my fellow PSA members have experienced for themselves, I found that at this critical time of need, my first and most important source of support and guidance came from the PSA community. The PSA board and members helped me build within myself a strong sense of belonging through their relentless efforts to provide well-organized events and through the thoughtful ways in which they reach out to the various members of our community. This year, having become significantly more involved in PSA events, I realized how truly satisfactory and rewarding the unique experience can be of becoming an active member.

I am running for the post of presidency because I am passionate about both the PSA and the contributions it makes to our society here at Stanford. My goals are to serve the needs of the PSA by upholding its constitutional principles of fostering friendship amongst its diverse members and to provide a venue to promote a greater understanding of Persian Culture as a whole. As president of the PSA, I want to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Increase the level of contribution by members to the events promoted by the PSA and to create greater enthusiasm within the association so as to promote more diverse activities. A specific method by which this could be achieved would be the establishment of a web-based, Wikipidea-like portal by which members could interact and communicate on proposed ideas. This would aide the board in performing its responsibilities.
  2. Increase the interaction and level of involvement the PSA has with other communities within the Stanford student body, such as ASSU, BASES and Mechanical Engineering Women’s Group. The intent is to improve the awareness other associations have toward our own culture and society.
  3. Continue to nourish the relationships the PSA has established with the community in general outside of the university, which has played such an essential role in the remarkable success the PSA has had over these past years.
  4. Extend a greater number of invitations to faculty and chairs of various departments within Stanford to openly address the PSA on matters of importance to our members. This will reduce the sense of isolationism and increase the representation our community has in Stanford as a whole.
  5. Increase the recreational aspects of the PSA by promoting a greater number of outdoor activities and general social get-togethers such as game night.

I am committed to the objectives I have stated above and I believe I am passionate enough and have the ability to help the board achieve these goals. As a candidate for the presidency, I look forward to the opportunity to continue the PSA’s history of success.

Board Member
Graduate, Petroleum Engineering
Email: golnaz AT stanford DOT edu

Dear fellow PSA members,

I am a first year PhD student in ERE (Energy Resource Engineering) department. I did my undergraduate studies at Sharif University and earned a MS degree from USC. During my undergraduate studies at chemical engineering department, I was involved in many student activities many of which were not limited to my own department. During the years at USC I served as Vice president of SPE (Society of petroleum engineers) student chapter, where besides our on-campus activities we hosted several regional events for students.

Through its events and activities, PSA greatly helped me to find new friends and to feel that I belong to a community where people love and support each other. High quality of PSA events and good participation of PSA members make me excited about contributing to PSA as a board member.

As a board member I will try to continue the way current board is doing with respect to comments and feedback form PSA members. Of course I would like to see that the new board initiates new activities besides maintaining popular existing ones. As Persians, most of us like to celebrate our traditions and culture, and PSA is where I believe we can seek this goal. Also it would be nice to experience new activities and use the resources that are available to us here at Stanford. Personally and for now I would like to add more outdoor activities like hiking and group trips. Also, I think it is feasible to hold workshops or classes (e.g. for music and visual arts).

I learned that there is a large community of Persians with different background at Stanford. I hope to promote diversity of PSA by contributing to events, in which every single Persian student, scholar, faculty feels that s/he has something to share with the rest of the community. I also think that by improving connections with alumni and the broader Persian community in the bay area, we can further diversify, enjoy and benefit from our activities.

Look forward to serving as a PSA board member,
Golnaz Alipour

Board Member
Graduate, Electrical Engineering
Email: bazargan AT stanford DOT edu

Statement TBA

Board Member
Graduate, Electrical Engineering
Email: shjalali AT stanford DOT edu

My name is Shirin Jalali, and I am a third year PhD student in Electrical Engineering department. I have been at Stanford for more than two years, and in the meantime I have participated in a number of different events held by the PSA, and enjoyed most of them. During the previous year, I was also involved in some of the PSA activities. From those experiences, to some extent, I am able to envision what it is like to be an active PSA board member. Now I am really interested in being on the other side as an organizer, and pay forward what I have received from the previous boards.

PSA is a student-driven organization with the main goal of gathering Stanford Persian students together. It has gradually become a big community having a lot of members who, like the members of any other community, have diverse interests and desires. To me, the traditional events, like Nowrooz, Shab-e-Yalda, etc, celebrated by almost every member of the Persian community, are among the most important events held by the PSA each year. Therefore, as a board member, I will do my best in organizing friendly events remindful of the gatherings we have had with our families. On the other hand, organizing different events like music programs by the Stanford Persian music group, outdoor activities like ice-skating, BBQ, and sport activities, would help to address different people's interests. Moreover, in the past, many of the PSA events have been initiated by the ideas and thoughts that the board had received from the members. As a board member, I would really like to get suggestions from the PSA community to set up new activities.

Finally, I am really interested in taking advantage of the PSA potential to invite intellectual people, not necessarily Persian, to give lectures for the students. Because of the reputation PSA has gained over the years, I guess, many people would be happy to accept PSA invitations.

Thank you,
Shirin Jalali

Board Member
Graduate, Electrical Engineering
Email: pnikaeen AT stanford DOT edu

My name is Parastoo Nikaeen and I am a 5th year graduate student in Electrical Engineering. In the past five years that I have been living here, existence of PSA and its events has been a valuable thing in my life. It has helped me a lot in coping with the problems of entering a new country and culture by providing a great Iranian community and organizing cultural and fun gatherings among them. I have always participated in most of the PSA events, made a lot of friends and with the help of all this friends survived the transition of moving to a new world. Now, I am almost at the end of the road in my Stanford life and I don’t want to leave this place without having any contribution in the PSA life and its improvement. I believe a lot of our fellow Persian students have made a lot of efforts to keep this community and form it as it is these days and now it is my turn to continue their path.

By being a board member, I would like to initiate activities that Iranian people miss when they are far from their own country. I was involved in the PSA music group this year and helped in preparing some music performances. I would like to encourage these activities more by improving the group and arranging more Persian music nights or other music related activities. Like previous PSA boards, I would like to initiate activities to celebrate traditional Persian ceremonies like Norooz, Yalda, charshanbeh soori, etc. and try to make international students more familiar with our rich culture through activities related to these ceremonies. I would also like to encourage more outdoor activities like group hiking, picnic, etc. to have more chances to enjoy the beautiful nature around us. And more important than all, I will be happy to hear ideas from members of the PSA for new events and will try my best to help organizing them.

Board Member
Graduate, Bioengineering
Email: razavih AT stanford DOT edu

My name is Hedi Razavi and I am a second-year doctoral student in the department of Bioengineering here at Stanford. I finished my undergraduate studies also in Bioengineering at the University of California, Berkeley. During my time at Stanford so far, PSA has not only been the means for me to personally get to know a lot of wonderful people whose friendships I cherish, but also has made me realize the extent of positive impact a student organization can have on its student members and the whole persian community in general. To have the opportunity to play a role in helping PSA continue making differences in the Iranian community in the bay area, I would like to serve as a board member.

As an undergraduate, I was fortunate enough to gain experience managing large student organizations such as the Berkeley chapter of the Society of Women Engineers and the student-run California Engineer magazine. I hope to draw upon these past experiences to assist the rest of the board in planning and executing the cultural and recreational events that PSA sponsors. I would like to not only maintain our current level of member participation, but also encourage more active involvement of all members in the organization of PSA events.

I look forward to the chance to work together with the board to help PSA breeze through yet another successful year.

Graduate, Electrical Engineering
Email: nargesb AT stanford DOT edu

Statement TBA

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