Candidates for the academic year 2008-2009

Fellow PSA members,

We are happy to officially announce the PSA election results for the academic year 2008-09.
Special thanks goes to Narges Bani Asadi for holding the 2008-09 elections.

Thursday, March 13th - 2008

President (1 position) Votes
Mohammad Hekmat 70
Morteza Ibrahimi 29
Board Member (4 positions) Votes
Mohammad Hekmat 88
Mahmoud Saadat 80
Roozbeh Parsa 78
Sanaz Motahari 69
Morteza Ibrahimi 62
Ehsan Mousavi 45
Ombudsperson (1 position) Votes
Pedram Lajevardi 66

Please submit your votes to Narges Bani Asadi (please put "PSA elections 2008" in the subject line).
Select one candidate for president, four candidates for board members, and one candidate for ombudsperson.

Board Member/President
Graduate, Electrical Engineering
Email: hekmat AT stanford DOT edu

Dear fellow PSA members,

My name is Mohammad Hekmat and I'm a third year PhD student in the Electrical Engineering Department. Over the past two years, I was fortunate to enjoy the stimulating environment of the PSA, and to be welcomed by the previous PSA boards to contribute to our association through music lecture series, music performances on campus, new students orientation program, etc. My gratifying experience of collaborating with the PSA board of directors and the opportunities it created for me has motivated me to increase my level of participation so as to bring in the same sense of delight and belonging to all PSA members.

My main objective in nominating myself for the presidency of the PSA is to foster our rich cultural heritage and to uphold the constitutional mission of the PSA to provide a source of union and support for the Persian community at Stanford. Thanks to the relentless efforts led by the previous PSA boards, our association is now among the most active and well-established organizations on-campus, which brings lots of opportunities within our reach to promote our culture and art. Over the course of time, PSA has developed its full host of events, which brings integrity and unity to our society. As a presidency candidate my goal would be to preserve this legacy and strive to augment its contents. As part of my plans I will be committed to:

Should I be elected by your vote as the president of the PSA, I will do my best to make PSA a place for all members to participate, enjoy, and make everlasting friendships and continue its tradition of excellence as an exemplary student organization.

Board Member/President
Graduate, Electrical Engineering
Email: ibrahimi AT stanford DOT edu

Doostane aziz/Dear friends,

I am Morteza Ibrahimi, A PhD student at EE department. I did my undergrad in Sharif and received a MS degree from University of Toronto before joining Stanford. In this statement I will simply try to share my thought about four questions I have tried to answer while I was considering running for the PSA board.

-What can be done for PSA?
To answer this question the first thing that comes to mind is to sit down and make a long fancy list of events and activities. But I had a nice observation about this, If we browse through a few SoPs from previous years, we will almost certainly find every event that one can imagine. We have all these ideas and it’s great that we do. But there is something that is missing. And I think it’s a true understanding that a healthy community is one in which members are empowered and engaged and and means to realize it. We need to believe that it’s possible and we need the determination to pursue it.

-Why me?
Because I think this is what we need, I believe it is possible and I am determined to make it happen.

-How to do it?
First of all by explicitly setting it as a goal to be achieved. By regularly informing the community about ”what’s going on behind the curtain?”
By actively seeking members interests and pushing their ideas along, as we empower them to get involved and contribute to the community. By gathering feedback about past activities or the ones that are in progress and informing the community about the results.

And finally the most important question: Why should I be willing to do all these? My first answer was ”for the same reason that I am working with GSC or Green Living Council.” That was not enough, but I did not abandon the idea of running for the PSA board; I later found the answer which fully motivated me to step up and it’s so simple: I enjoy being a member of PSA. I am proud of it. And I want PSA to flourish evermore, and to better than before continue being the substance that holds our wonderful community together.

Now, What do you think could be the answer?

Board Member
Graduate, Electrical Engineering
Email: sanazm AT stanford DOT edu

My name is Sanaz Motahari. I am a graduate student in electrical engineering and I have received my undergraduate degree from University of Toronto. From the very beginning of my involvement with PSA as a Stanford newcomer, I encountered a most welcoming community with an inherent diversity that I truly valued - and value more every day. To this end, I have participated in almost every PSA event and have tried to contribute to organizing these events as much as possible.

I believe what is most important for PSA, is to promote our diversity by holding events that are appealing to as many different tastes as possible. If I am elected, my first and foremost plan would be to set up a polling system for collecting the members’ opinions about the events they are most interested in. In addition, I would try to organize more outdoor events such as BBQ’s, hiking, picnics as well as more cultural events such as music concerts, movie nights and lectures. I hope to incorporate as many differing requests as possible in organizing the events and in this way draw more of the PSA community.

I am committed to dedicate my time and energy to achieve these goals and look forward to having the chance to do so next year.

Thank you,
Sanaz Motahari

Board Member
Graduate, Management Science and Engineering
Email: mousavi AT stanford DOT edu

Statement TBA

Board Member
Graduate, Electrical Engineering
Email: rparsa AT stanford DOT edu

My name is Roozbeh Parsa and I’m a 3rd year graduate student in Electrical Engineering and a proud member of PSA family. One way or another I’ve been involved with PSA since I started my undergraduate study at Berkeley. Observing how much the activities organized by PSA gathers and unites Persian students from different backgrounds made me a strong believer of such organization.

Experiences from living in the Bay Area for almost 10 years and working in industry for more than 5 years will be an addition that I can bring to the board. I hope these experiences help us in pursuing the goal of introducing the Persian culture as well as PSA outside Stanford. Also I’m planning to use the connections that I’ve made with industry during this time to help the members to have a better and wider access to the available opportunities. Planning indoor and outdoor activities such as camping, one day trips, soccer and plans such that we can get as many members involved as possible are one of my main goals. I am a strong supporter for setting up events or bringing speakers where we could learn new things whether it is related to industry, economy or our health.

Previous boards have worked hard to get PSA to here and made it harder for the successors to fill their shoes, but I believe with the passion of helping my fellow Persian friends and time and dedication I’m willing to put for PSA I can live up with the expectation. I’m excited to be a part of this board not only because of so many things that I’ll learn from this experience but also because of what I have to offer as a member for creating a memorable time for everyone here at Stanford.

Board Member
Graduate, Electrical Engineering
Email: mahmoud AT stanford DOT edu

Dear fellow PSA members,

My name is Mahmoud Saadat, and I am a first year M.S. student in Electrical Engineering. I received my B.S. from Sharif University of Technology and came to Stanford in September 2007. 

From the very first days of coming to Stanford I was warmly welcomed by the Persian community and have received kindness and support from many of PSA members that helped me through the difficult days. Through its events and activities, PSA greatly helped me to find new friends and to feel that I belong to a community where people love and support each other. The high quality of PSA events and good participation of PSA members make me excited about contributing to PSA as a board member.

As Persians, most of us like to celebrate our traditions and culture, and PSA is where I believe we can pursue this goal. I would also like to encourage more outdoor activities like group hiking, picnic, etc. to have more chances to enjoy the beautiful nature around us. In order to introduce our culture to other nationalities, I can promote our traditional music on campus. 

I am looking forward to being granted the honor of serving as a board member and follow the steps of those who have done it perfectly all these years.

Mahmoud Saadat

Graduate, Electrical Engineering
Email: pdrm AT stanford DOT edu

Statement TBA

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