Candidates for the academic year 2009-2010

Dear fellow PSA members,

We are happy to officially announce the PSA election results for the academic year 2009-10.
Special thanks goes to Pedram Lajevardi for holding the elections and all his efforts for making it the first fully-online PSA election.

Thursday, March 5th - 2009

President (1 position) Votes
Naveed Chehrazi 59
Hamid Bazargan 35
Davood Shamsi 20
Board Member (4 positions) Votes
Naveed Chehrazi 90
MohammadReza Alizadeh 84
Peyman Kazemian 84
Mohammad Shahvali 71
Hamid Bazargan 69
Davood Shamsi 60
Ehsan Mousavi 55
Ombudsperson (1 position) Votes
Morteza Ibrahimi 96

Here is the list of candidates for this year's election along with their statements.

Board Member/President
Graduate, Energy Resources Engineering
Email: bazargan AT stanford DOT edu

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Persianhood,

I'm a PhD student in Geoscience whose hobbies include running for and being the next PSA president. In that capacity, you can expect the following from me:

You can further expect me to do it with respect, and with a smile :) (<-early proof)

We may differ from time to time regarding our beliefs and philosophies, but we share one common trait - our main strength - which is our tremendous love for Iran. The time has now come for me to prove this everlasting love to people with whom I have spent so much of my recent life, people I remember when the sun shines in the morning - people whom I will never forget. These people inspire me to run for the presidency of PSA.

I put my every effort to effect an environment in which our members find freedom to express themselves, to present what they like about Iranian culture and history, and to learn what they might have been oblivious to. I will navigate the PSA ship in the future's open sea - a ship I inherited from the previous boards, three of which I have had the pleasure to work with.

"At last the horizon appears free to us again, even granted that it is not bright; at last our ships may venture out again, venture out to face any danger; all the daring of the lover of knowledge is permitted again; the sea, our sea, lies open again; perhaps there has never yet been such an 'open sea'..." (Friedrich Nietzsche)

Lastly, I want to express that I appreciate all who vote for me, and respect the folks who don’t. If I get elected, we will need the cooperation of all to move forward, and to make the coming year a memorable one.

“ SO SAY WE All .. “

Board Member/President
Graduate, Management Science and Engieering
Email: chehrazi AT stanford DOT edu

Dear fellow PSA members,

My name is Naveed Chehrazi. I am a third year Ph.D. student in the department of Management Science and Engineering. I received my B.Sc. degree from Electrical Engineering Department of Sharif University and spent a year in Montreal at McGill University before continuing my studies at Stanford in 2006.

From the first day of my arrival, I was warmly welcomed by the PSA community and benefited from their support when I needed it the most. I was privileged to meet many talented individuals through PSA events and make lifelong friends. Besides the sense of belonging that I have toward PSA, providing the same support for new members and organizing the same enriched cultural and extracurricular activities are among the reasons that have motivated me to run for PSA presidency.

My main objectives for nominating myself for presidency, in addition to continuing the tradition and legacy of previous PSA boards, are:

I am enthusiastic about the prospect of realizing these goals and appreciate your support in this election for making this possible.

Best regards,

Naveed Chehrazi

Board Member/President
Graduate, Management Science and Engieering
Email: davood AT stanford DOT edu Personal Webpage:

Dear friends,

I, Davood Shamsi, am proud to be a candidate for PSA presidency. Currently, I am a PhD student at MS&E department. Also, I am a board member in SMORES group at Stanford. I got BS from Sharif University and MS from Rice University in Electrical Engineering.

I feel at this point of time our community needs someone to work hard and keep it strong as it used to be. We are losing the great leadership of the previous board members; I decided to be a candidate to fill the gap and also work hard to promote our Persian community.

If you trust my enthusiasm and cast your vote for me, I promise to do my best to achieve following goals:

Definitely all smart ideas from members are more than welcome!

Thanks for reading the letter. Please feel free to contact me if you have any question (even if you do not have a question.)

Thank you,


Board Member
Graduate, Electrical Engineering
Email: alizade AT stanford DOT edu

Dear Fellow Members,

My name is Mohammadreza Alizadeh Attar, and I'm a third year PhD student in Electrical Engineering. When I was an undergrad at Sharif University, I had the privilege of serving on the board of the EE department student group, Resana. I really enjoyed my time at Resana. Not only was it a great professional experience being in an executive role for the first time, it was a wonderful personal experience as well. Some of my dearest friendships formed during this time, as did my marriage :).

I was recently asked by a few prospective (Persian) students what I think makes Stanford great. Probably third on my list after the weather and well, the university, was the wonderful Persian community of Stanford. I strongly believe our PSA community is one of the most valuable assets we all share, and that is why I want to contribute to keeping PSA strong and lively. My main focus will be to bring our community closer together by holding events that will foster more interaction among members. Examples include game and movie nights, BBQ's, and picnics. But my effort will not be limited to organizing events. I will attempt to get members more personally invested in PSA by motivating them to plan and organize events that they are passionate about.

I look forward to the opportunity to work alongside other board members and all of you to make this another prosperous year for our PSA.



Board Member
Graduate, Electrical Engineering
Email: kazemian AT stanford DOT edu

My name is Peyman Kazemian and I am a second year Master and PhD student in Electrical Engineering. I got my B.Sc. from Sharif University in 2007 and then came to Stanford.

I consider two major goals for PSA, one is to introduce Iran and its culture to Stanford community (both Persians and non-Persians) through cultural events, and the other goal is to connect PSA members through social activities. While the first goal is very important and I would definitely want to achieve it as much as possible, I consider the second one as the first priority of PSA, so my plan is to increase activities that have PSA members as the core of the event. Other than traditional Persian events like Yalda night and Norouz, we can increase social interaction among members through other fun indoor and outdoor events: Hiking (there are a lot of beautiful hiking trails around the area), Camping/Trips (summer camp, ski trip, maybe more?), Picnic (especially 13 bedar, probably more picnic in summer), Parties (fall and spring at least) , Movie nights (in I-Center or going to nearby theaters) and BBQs are a few examples.

If elected, I will try to serve the great Persian community at Stanford to my maximum ability.

Board Member
Graduate, Management Science and Engineering
Email: mousavi AT stanford DOT edu

Dear fellow PSA friends,

My name is Ehsan Mousavi. I'm a 3rd year graduate student working on my PhD in Management Science & Engineering. Before coming to Stanford I finished my BS in Electrical Engineering at Sharif University of Technology.

Seventeen years after its conception, the PSA is now an established student organization with more than 200 active members with many events. The current structure of the PSA is centralized thus making it inefficient. Although we have an excellent decentralized PSA sub-group, namely the Business Alliance (BA), usually the executive board of five members is in most events required to make all of the decisions and do all of the work alone. Their limitation in time, manpower, and funding restricts them on the quantity, quality and variety of the events. Moreover, in the majority of the events, the participants are confined to the social networks of its organizers.

Similar to the idea of having the BA sub-group, we can have other groups for social events, cultural evens, sports, etc. to involve more PSA members in organizing its events. This will change the role of the board from an executive group to a supportive and high-level decision maker. Consequently, we hope that this will increase participation in the variety of events.

A potential sub-group is IRAN-Discussion. The Stanford PSA being a microcosm of the Iranian elite community with a vast variety of opinions and viewpoints must be provided with a forum to listen to and exchange different ideas. The scope of IRAN-Discussion would mainly be scoial and cultural problems prevelent in Iran. Organizing panel discussions and seminars can be a part of the activities of this sub-group.

Finally, I look forward to serving the PSA with your support and will to do my best to expand the excellent reputation we are inhereting from all previous boards.

Board Member
Graduate, Energy Resources Engineering
Email: shahvali AT stanford DOT edu

My name is Mohammad Shahvali and I am a second year Ph.D. student in the Department of Energy Resources Engineering. I did my undergraduate and Master’s in Sharif University of Technology and University of Calgary, respectively. I am running to serve as a PSA board member for the upcoming academic year. I believe it is extremely pleasant for each and every single one of us to have a sense of belonging to the society that we are living in. PSA can definitely have a great contribution to creating such an environment enabling us to enhance our social life and to strengthen our friendships. I feel responsible to try to keep up the good work done by the former boards. PSA has relied on the members ever since it was founded. I, as a board member, will continue to do so since it is the only way for survival and promotion of any community including our lovely one, the PSA. With regard to that, I’ll keep in touch with the members and will consistently get the feedback from them to have an idea of the existing interests.

I am committed to do my best and am looking forward to starting the work in the next academic year.

Graduate, Electrical Engineering
Email: ibrahimi AT stanford DOT edu

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