Candidates for the academic year 2012-2013

Dear fellow PSA members,

We are happy to officially announce the PSA election results for the academic year 2012-13.
Special thanks goes to Reza Nasiri Mahalati for holding the elections.

President (1 position) Votes
Ehsan Sadeghipour 70
Milad Mohammadi 26
Board Member (4 positions) Votes
Ehsan Sadeghipour 84
Reza Mirghaderi 77
Milad Mohammadi 74
Dorna Kashef 69
Parnian Zargham 44
Milad Sharif 38
Sahinaz Safari 37
Ombudsperson (1 position) Votes
Alireza Sharafat 87

Here is the list of candidates for this year's election along with their statements.

Board Member
PhD. in Mechanical Engineering
Email: ehsan AT stanford DOT edu

Dear Fellow PSA Members,

My name is Ehsan Sadeghipour, and I am a third year PhD student in mechanical engineering. I am a candidate to become the President of PSA next year, as I believe that I have the plans and the experiences to serve as an effective leader in this organization.

I have been involved in student government and the student newspaper in my undergraduate career and as a high school student. As an undergraduate at The Ohio State University, I served as an officer in several student organizations, and most notably as the President of the Mechanical Engineering Honors Society and the International Studies Club. Furthermore, as a graduate student at Stanford University I have been closely involved with PSA. I served as the Vice President for Marketing and Design of the PSA Business Alliance two years ago. I then served as the Financial Officer of the PSA Executive Board last year, and this year I have of course been involved with passing responsibilities to the current group of PSA officers. I believe that these experiences have uniquely readied me for serving as the President of PSA next year.

In addition to these experiences, I believe that my vision for this organization and our community will also be helpful to my success in this role. Next year I intend to promote two types of programs: community building at home, and promoting Iranian culture in the Bay Area. I believe that the primary purpose of this organization is to fill the role of our families. In that respect, I plan to continue to emphasize events that bring us together for a conversation, such as the weekend breakfasts. In addition, I believe that PSA is one of the pillars of Iranian culture in the Bay Area. Therefore, we should continue to plan concerts, lectures, and exchanges that benefit the Iranian community of the region, and promote our culture and language.

I sincerely believe that my experiences and plans have readied me for the responsibilities of this new role. I hope to have your support in this endeavor.

Thank you,

Board Member
PhD. in Electrical Engineering
Email: mohammadi AT stanford DOT edu

“A healthy social life is found only when in the mirror of each soul the whole community finds its reflection.” Rudolf Steiner

Dear PSA friends,

My name is Milad and I am a third year EE PhD student. During my undergraduate studies at Amir-Kabir University, I have been involved with the student organization in my department which organized numerous events such as hiking, picnics, and multi-day trips. Throughout my undergraduate years at UBC, I was a member of the UBC Alma Mater Society which runs campus-wide events for the undergraduate community. In my time at Stanford, I have served as a volunteer in a number of PSA events through which I learned many of the needs and challenges of our small society.

My objective as the future PSA president is to foster the rich Iranian culture and the spirit of community amongst us. I realize the diversity of our Iranian community at Stanford and will set the board’s goals accordingly to meet a wide range expectations. Below is my list of objectives for this year:

• Continue running the traditional PSA events such as Shab-e Yalda, Norouz, Ski Trip, etc.
• Continue hosting short events such as breakfasts and Thursday lunches/dinners.
• Hosting outdoor events such as BBQ, movies, zip-lining, picnic, bowling, etc.
• Improve our recreational activities by organizing tournaments and promoting sport activities such as hiking and biking.
• Enriching our cultural activities by supporting the movie group, introducing new events such as poetry nights, and hosting music concerts.
• Further establishing the Iranian culture at Stanford by donating a collection of Iranian movies, music albums, and audio books to the Stanford Library.
• Inviting Iranian intellectuals from different disciplines to give talks and run workshops.
• Restarting PSA-BA as this group can create the platform of success for the long-term professional ambitions of its members.
• Long term plans for future PSA generations:
    o Setting up a job-posting system for PSA members looking for career. To this end, we will establish connection with other Iranian student organizations in other US/Canada schools.
    o Building a PSA alumni database to better connect our Iranian community.
    o Revisiting the PSA constitution to potentially increase the number of board members.
• Promoting the spirit of volunteer work through supporting student initiated events, involving students in PSA board meetings, and encouraging them to help with running events.

Should I be elected as your PSA president, I will be sure the primary focus of this board remains on best serving the Iranian students at Stanford, and our events will be tailored towards promoting the sense of unity amongst us.

Warm wishes,

Board Member
PhD. in Computer Science
Email: dkashef AT stanford DOT edu

Dear PSA members,

My name is Dorna Kashef, and I am a third year PhD student in the Computer Science department. Since joining Stanford, I have continually found wonderful friends in PSA community, and had an enjoyable time at our gatherings. Therefore, this year, I would like to dedicate my time and effort to improving the association which has enhanced my graduate experience during the past several years. I believe nothing is more valuable than bringing together people who are living miles away from their beloved family and country, and providing them with a sense of home and unity. If elected, it is my mission to foster the members’ sense of belonging to PSA by emphasizing my efforts on:

1. Maintaining and improving upon the main events that proved to be a success in bringing all members together such as Yalda night, Norooz, and welcome dinner, to name a few.

2. Providing the opportunity to form smaller groups with shared interests, by continuing the efforts of previous boards and supporting activities of diverse social or cultural nature.

3. Organizing fun outdoor activities which can range from half-day hiking, biking, fruit-picking, and photo-tours to three-day trips and campings.

4. Keeping in touch with our members to hear about their concerns and interests, and update our program accordingly.

Additionally, I would like to improve the PSA website. I feel that our website is in need of revision to be better organized and more appealing to members, easier to edit by future board officers, and of-course a better presentation of our group to others.

Lastly, I should mention that I am aware of the amount of time and energy required to organize a successful event, and as a board member I will be willing to spend this time in benefit to my community.

Board Member
PhD, Electrical Engineering
Email: pzargham AT stanford DOT edu

Dear Friends,

My name is Parnian Zargham, and I am a second year PhD student in the Electrical Engineering department. I am now running for the board member position of PSA.

I believe PSA is our heritage which has been maintained by our older friends over several years, and it is our duty to pass it over to new generations. With your vote, my contribution to PSA will be continuing the valuable regular events in a positive and unforgettable way. Moreover, as a board member, I would like to help in holding some Art events and creating the opportunity for getting to know our artists outside the country. I will do my part to ensure that I am helping the concept of organizing an association to remind the students their original root.

“It is often safer to be in chains than to be free”,
Franz Kafka

Board Member
PhD, Electrical Engineering
Email: rezam AT stanford DOT edu

The educational and professional life at Stanford is like a constant race full of ups and downs. Throughout this stressful and sometimes one-dimensional experience, we all deserve some fun distractions. Luckily, we have PSA, where we can meet our friends, celebrate our rich culture and forget about all the challenges with a bowl of “Haleem” or a bite of “Abgoosht” :).

My name is Reza Mirghaderi and this is my 4th year as a Stanford PSA member. Having enjoyed all PSA has done for me, I am very much interested in giving back by serving as a board member in the coming year. Among all the great things that the current board has done, I’d like to mention two that I particularly appreciate and would like to carry over if I am elected:

1. Welcoming the newcomers: Every year, PSA welcomes the new members by offering some essentials when they arrive and also by hosting a dinner party. I particularly appreciate such activities, as the newcomers are the ones who need support the most. This year PSA improved its support by helping them settle in the new living environment. If elected, I’ll try to have PSA go one step further and utilize the educational experience of its senior members to help the newcomers with some educational advice and support. One idea is to connect each new student to a mentor with a similar background.

2. Small but frequent fun events: This year PSA introduced a set of small events such as breakfasts and movies. These events are very efficient as they serve the main purpose of PSA, which is keeping the Persian community vibrant and connected, without taking an unreasonable amount of time and effort. I’ll try to keep and potentially extend such events. There are many ideas for extension including game nights or game watching nights that may be considered.

Above all the plans that I may have for PSA, I think the board does best if it reaches out to the community and encourages feedback and that’s why I’m very welcoming to any thoughts and ideas.


Board Member
PhD, Electrical Engineering
Email: sahinaz AT stanford DOT edu

Hello everyone. My name is Sahinaz Safari Sanjani and I’m a second year EE student. I did my undergraduate studies at University of Waterloo, in Canada. I have had many community involvement and leadership experiences throughout my undergraduate and graduate studies. These roles include the presidency of Iranian Students Association, and the Ballroom Dancing Club at University of Waterloo. I was also the co-chair of Research In Motion (RIM) Co-op Social Committee, and the Director of Advocacy with Engineers Without Borders, Waterloo Chapter. Throughout these experiences, I was involved with organizing many cultural, fun, and themed activities and collaborated with many other councils and groups. At Stanford, I have been working with organizations such as GSPB (Graduate Student Programming Board) to organize different events (you might have received the email about Persian dinner and movie event last Saturday). I’m really interested in expanding the diversity of activities in the PSA events to appeal to more students. We can do that through many mini events (such as the current movie and hike groups). I also think it’s a good idea to collaborate with different social organizations (such as student organizations, some charity organizations and professional networks).

Board Member
PhD, Electrical Engineering
Email: sharafat AT stanford DOT edu

Salam Doostan!
My name is Ali Reza and I am a third year EE PhD at Stanford. I am currently a Board Member of the PSA and would love to be the umbudsperson of the next board. Beside ensuring the harmony between the board and the members, I'd put some effort in planning and executing relaxing and fun events such as the ski trip, quarterly parties, game nights, etc.

Ali Reza Shafafat

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