Candidates for the academic year 2013-2014

Dear fellow PSA members,

We are happy to officially announce the PSA election results for the academic year 2013-14.
Special thanks goes to Alireza Sharafat for holding the elections.

President (1 position) Votes
Maryam Daneshi 47
Board Member (4 positions) Votes
Masoud Tavazoei 52
Maryam Daneshi 47
Pooya Ehsani 46
Shahab Mirjalili 41
Alborz Bejnood 37
Amir Sepehri 30
Ombudsperson (1 position) Votes
Milad Mohammadi 48

Here is the list of candidates for this year's election along with their statements.

PhD. in Electrical Engineering
Email: mdaneshi AT stanford DOT edu

Dear Friends,

My name is Maryam Daneshi and I am a third year PhD. student at the Electrical Engineering Department. I did my undergraduate studies in Computer Engineering at Sharif University from 2003 (1382) to 2007. During my undergrad period at Sharif, I was a member of the Student Council for three years. I finished my masters degree in Computer Science at University of Victoria, BC, Canada in 2009. I was the president of the Persian club in my second year there. I was also on the board of directory of a volunteer program at the Computer Science department (CSVP), teaching computer skills to senior citizens of Victoria. My previous experience and my passion to serve the Iranian community in past, are great motivations for me to become the leader of the Persian student organization here at Stanford.

I believe in the power of teamwork and collaboration and would like to further promote that in our Persian community. My great experience as a volunteer with the PSA movie group in the past six months has given me more confidence in our ability to nourish members passion for athletic, cultural and social projects. With the support, dedication ad collaboration of the PSA board, members of PSA could have larger impact in the community and among friends. I would also like to continue the great cultural, social and entrepreneurial projects that have been launched by the previous boards and extend them. I am committed to our traditional events and would continue the PSA tradition in brining friends together for unforgettable events filled with laughter and fun.

I believe in my dedication to PSA and its goals and with your help and support would like to serve our great community.

Thank you,

Board Member
BS, Physics
Email: abejnood AT stanford DOT edu

Dear PSA,

My name is Alborz Bejnood, and I’m a fourth-year undergraduate studying physics. I joined the PSA when I first came to Stanford, and for the first time I felt that I was truly part of a community. Through all the events that I have participated in and helped out with over the past four years, I have been fortunate enough to make many great friends and memories that I will remember for the rest of my life. In running for a board position, I want to give back to an organization that has given me these experiences over the years. Part of this commitment includes continuing to organize events done in current and past years, such as the breakfasts and game nights, while also adding new events and facilitating the formation of new groups, including a dance group, a cooking group, and sporting events group (that will form teams to participate in intramural sports on campus).

I hope you will consider me in choosing next year’s board, and am looking forward to a great new year ahead!


Board Member
PhD. in Electrical Engineering
Email: pooya AT stanford DOT edu

Dear PSA Members,

I am Pooya Ehsani, First year PhD student in the Electrical Engineering department. I am a candidate for PSA executive board at the year 2013, and hope to serve as an effective member for the community of Iranian Students at Stanford.

Within the short period I joined Stanford, I found many enjoyable memories during PSA events and community gatherings. I think to PSA as a valuable legacy from our prior Persian friends and now it’s our responsibility to keep the community vibrant. This firmed up my intention to devote my effort and try my best to improve the Persian students’ association activities. During my undergrad, I was involved in organizing cultural, fun, and occasional events as an executive adjunct of “Resana”, which was responsible for performing all extracurricular activities at Electrical Eng. Department at Sharif. I also served as an executive assistant director of many student conferences and events. I believe my fondnes and experience would help me to serve as an effective board member.

I will briefly summarize what I hope to bring to the position if I am elected:

I truly hope to receive the opportunity to devote my energy and passion to PSA community.

Board Member
PhD, Mechanical Engineering
Email: ssmirjal AT stanford DOT edu

Dear fellow PSA members,

I’m Shahab Mirjalili, a second year graduate student in the Mechanical Engineering department. I did my undergrad in Sharif before joining Stanford. If you’re reading this, you probably understand the supportive role which PSA can play in an iranian student’s life at Stanford so I won’t bother with reiterating on those things. However, you might have not yet “felt” that this organization really belongs to you, or might have even sensed some distance between the members and the board. Well, my plan is to end those days and along with my fellow board members incubate a cordial, respectful, joyful and interactive relationship with and among you. I truly hope that this board will be successful in forming friendships, memories and developments(personal and social) that will last for years. Obviously, most of our programs are going to be a continuation of what has been done here for years, but we will venture into some new things and will be looking forward to incorporate your ideas and suggestions very seriously. To put it in a nutshell, our programs will relieve your stresses, quench your cultural longings, introduce you to new people and concepts, and finally give you an opportunity to express and realize your suggestions.

I appreciate you reading all of this, and would be honored to serve you in the board of PSA.

Sincerely yours,

Board Member
PhD, Statistics
Email: asepehri AT stanford DOT edu

Salaam Doostan,

My name is Amir Sepehri, and I’m a first year PhD student in Statistics. Also, I did my undergrads at Sharif University majoring in Math. I am a candidate to become a PSA board member for the next year.

Joining Stanford in summer, I found Iranian community here really nice. Particularly, PSA gatherings and events really help me to maintain a mentally healthy lifestyle abroad. I am also considering PSA as a community which can give people the opportunity to share interests with one another. I believe that we should all try our best to keep the PSA serving the community and keep it being lively as a social community.

Considering all these, I would have to say I am running for board just trying my best to assist with keeping PSA fun and functioning as well as to give myself an opportunity to learn new things. I’d be trying to arrange some fun and relaxing events.

Thanks for the time allotted to read my pseudo-statement.


Board Member
MS. in MS&E
Email: tavazoei AT stanford DOT edu

Dear PSA friends,

My name is Masoud Tavazoei and I’m a first year Master’s student in the MS&E program. I did my undergraduate in EE at Sharif University and did my master’s in Finance at university of South Carolina. During my undergraduate, I worked closely with the department student group and managed to contribute to the community by organizing student camps, conducting regular English debate sessions and raising fund to organize graduating ceremony for EE students. I’ve been working in the PSA movie group, since I came to Stanford.

Having people that you are comfortable with around you is a priceless asset for Persians in US. Since my presence at Stanford, PSA has been a community that I felt I could belong to , just like a family, and the PSA events has connected me to a bunch of wonderful friends. PSA has been greatly successful in its mission to getting people closer to each other. I do care about this mission and I feel responsible to contribute to the PSA community to continue its journey.

PhD, Electrical Engineering
Email: milad AT stanford DOT edu

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