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  • Molecular Dynamics

    Nathan Luehr, using our interactive ab initio molecular dynamics setup which allows one to guide molecular motion and understand chemistry...

  • Photoprotection in DNA

    Understanding Chemistry using Time Resolved Extreme Ultraviolet and Soft X-ray Spectroscopy -
    The image shows a nucleobase out of our genetic...

  • Strong Field-Matter Interaction

    Intense ultra-short laser pulses of various colors interact with simple diatomic molecules to emulate and control dynamics of more complex...

  • High Harmonics

    An ultrafast laser pulse results in periodic alignment in N2. The alignment is probed by a second time delayed pulse that...

  • Real-time visualization of nanocrystal solid-solid transformation pathways

  • Fourier-transform inelastic scattering from time and momentum dependent phonon-phonon correlations. See more here...

  • Fractal morphology, imaging and mass spectrometry of single aerosol particles in flight. See more here.