PWR's Growth Spurt, a letter from Marvin Diogenes

PWR Instructors Share Their Thoughts, compiled by Mark Feldman
Interanimating Research by Andrea Lunsford

Knight Fellows' Roundtable Forum, by Paul Bator
Remembering Composition: an Interview with Bump Halbritter, by Mark Feldman
Susan Wyle Revisits Revisiting America, by Mark Feldman
Congratulations to Clyde, by Mark Feldman

The Brains of the Outfit, by Emily Phillips
Two Bad Poems, by John Peterson

by Scott Herndon

photographer: Bump Halbritter

This September, PWR directors, faculty and staff led a two week orientation for new faculty. Whether they were introducing this

group of scholars and teachers to the wide array of resources available at Stanford, or leading discussions in the pedagogical aims of PWR 1 and 2, the faculty demonstrated a commitment to writing and thinking outside and inside the classroom.

Andrea Lunsford, Marvin Diogenes, and Alyssa O’Brien generated lively discussions on the role of rhetoric in PWR. The Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education, John Bravman, spoke of the successes of PWR in the larger scope of Stanford’s mission. And the Oral Communication Program led a series of helpful workshops on more effective communication practices in the classroom.

In the Stanford Writing center, Clyde Moneyhun, Wendy Goldberg, John Tinker, and Emily Phillips conducted a series of workshops on consulting with students, leading research seminars, and joining the Writing Center’s rich cultural life, from “How I Write” discussions to student-led spoken word poetry performances. Joining them were Corinne Arraez and Marilenis Olivera, who worked to smooth the transition into using Stanford’s vast electronic resources. Corinne and Marilenis conducted workshops on Coursework and PowerPoint, to assisting in the ever more complex protocol of using email.

Along with a number of effective classroom exhibits from returning PWR faculty, new members of PWR were ushered into the university with aplomb, thanks to the tireless work of Vani Kane, Art Palmon, and Cristina Huerta.

Highlights included two surprise performances by the Composition Blues Band and baskets of free sponge-brains advertising the services of the Stanford Writing Center.