Editor's Note, by Chris Gerben

Plasma Screens as Portals to the World, by Alyssa J. O'Brien

Tutoring Graduate Students in the Writing Center, by John Peterson and Joel Burges

PWR awards outstanding student work with IRAs and OPRAs, compiled by Wendy Goldberg & Chris Gerben

Students Publish Work in New Anthology: Official Book Introduction with Preface by Wendy Goldberg

Stanford Library Honors Boothe Prize Winner in Podcast

PWR Instructors Leaving the Farm

This Spring edition of the PWR Newsletter is focused on the students of Stanford University. As instructors, we naturally interact with our students in the classroom, our offices, and the Writing Center. However, we likewise support these young scholars as they venture into research and publication beyond the Farm. We are therefore devoting this edition to highlighting some of the more extraordinary achievements in student-teacher interactions: from awarding our students’ exemplary work to facilitating student discourse across continents. The faculty of the Program in Writing and Rhetoric is of course committed to scholarly exploration in our program and our field, but first and foremost to our students. To honor that, we present this Newsletter.

I have been very fortunate to be the editor of this publication, and a member of this outstanding group of instructors, this year. Before passing the reins, I’d like to personally thank former editor Mark Feldman and web editors Christine Alfano and Corinne Arraez for their contributions and guidance. And of course, I’d like to acknowledge the always inspirational direction of Andrea Lunsford and Marvin Diogenes. On behalf of all the instructors devoted to their students, I welcome you to share our success.

Chris Gerben
Spring 2007