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PWR Instructors Leaving the Farm

At the end of the 2006-2007 school year, several PWR instructors announced that they will be leaving the program to pursue teaching opportunities elsewhere. Sangeeta Mediratta will be relocating to Florida in 2008, but will return to teach the fall quarter at Stanford in 2007. The following instructors would like to share their announcements and reflections of PWR below:

Brenda Machosky will be teaching next year in the English Department at the University of Hawai’i West O’ahu campus. Her book, Faces of Allegory, will be published this year by Fordham University Press.

Serkan Gorkemli will be teaching next year in the English Department at the University of Connecticut Stamford campus. When asked to reflect on his time in PWR, Serkan responded:

Just before I came to Stanford for my campus visit for the lecturer position at PWR, one of my mentors from grad school, who is a fan of the Composition Blues Band, told me to keep in mind that some of the people who would interview me are founders of the band, so I should relax and have fun during the visit. Since I didn’t know about the Composition Blues Band at the time, I didn’t quite know what to make of the comment. But having worked with not only the band members (Marvin, Clyde, and Bump) but also Andrea and fellow instructors for two years now, that comment now has a meaning for me: PWR is a great community, and I will certainly miss it. The “Sweet mates,” the fellow instructors with whom I have shared Sweet Hall 019, of course, have directly contributed to this sense of community that I will always cherish—I’ll miss our on-the-go, and sometimes over-the-cubicle-wall, conversations and the end-of-the-quarter outings, guys! But as Andrea remarked during the summer picnic last year when Bump was leaving, “once a PWR-ista, always a PWR-ista,” so instead of saying goodbye, I’ll say see you later, friends!

Chris Gerben will begin pursuing his PhD in the University of Michigan’s Joint Program in English and Education. Upon reflection of his time in PWR, Chris responded:

I began my journey through PWR with a one quarter teaching assignment two years ago. When I couldn’t secure any classes throughout the rest of the year, I went searching for a job in the “real world,” and figured my time spent teaching was adventurous and noble, but resolutely over. However, I was surprised by how quickly I missed the connection to other people who cared about such things as deep thought and analysis, teaching others valuable things, and of course, good writing. Simply put, I missed people who cared about their jobs. Within months I contacted Marvin and Andrea, and asked to interview for another year with PWR. I have been fortunate enough to be welcomed back in, and I now feel like I have been part of something truly special—an impressive group of scholars who are deeply committed to academic inquiry and their students. Sometimes you can only see something so remarkable in hindsight, but I’m happy to appreciate this experience in the present tense, and to end my time at Stanford by thanking all of my peers, mentors, and friends.