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Plasma Screens as Portals to the World, by Alyssa J. O'Brien

Tutoring Graduate Students in the Writing Center, by John Peterson and Joel Burges

PWR awards outstanding student work with IRAs and OPRAs, compiled by Wendy Goldberg & Chris Gerben

Students Publish Work in New Anthology: Official Book Introduction with Preface by Wendy Goldberg

Stanford Library Honors Boothe Prize Winner in Podcast

PWR Instructors Leaving the Farm

On April 11th, PWR enjoyed a wonderful Innovative Research Award (IRA) Celebration in West Lagunita’s Eucalipto Lounge. The awards were designed to highlight innovative and creative research in PWR 1 courses.

The winners of the autumn IRA were as follows:

  • Emily Abrash, Allison Kopp, and Sonal Mittal: “The Stanford Labor Action Coalition and Beyond: The Struggle for a Living Wage” (Melissa Leavitt, instructor)
  • Myles Lam: “At Crossroads in CourseWork: Evaluation and Application” (Chris Gerben, instructor)
  • Alisha Tolani: “Collaboration as an Effective Solution to Sex Trafficking” (Donna Hunter, instructor)

To supplement these awards, and honor excellent work in PWR 2 courses, PWR held its inaugural Oral Presentation of Research Award (OPRA) Celebration on May 24 in the Stanford Writing Center. The OPRA recognizes PWR 2 students for oral presentations of research that present a compelling well-researched argument that is delivered with a persuasive, professional ethos and effective media aids. Three winners (individuals or groups)—to be selected by a committee of PWR instructors and administrators from among those students nominated by their instructors—will reprise their presentations at a Research Forum in Winter 2007. Winners will receive trophies and individual books [or CDs/DVDs] selected by their instructors.

The winners of the inaugural OPRA were as follows:

  • Lauren Finzer, “The Rhetoric of Addressing Global Warming at Stanford” (instructor: Jonathan Hunt, “The Rhetoric of Research: Inquiry and Persuasion in Scholarship and Public Affairs”)
  • Fagan Harris, “The Power of the Social Situation in the Classroom” (instructor: Jonathan Hunt, “The Rhetoric of Research: Inquiry and Persuasion in Scholarship and Public Affairs”)
  • Elaine Zelby, “I'm Lovin’ It? McDonald’s Recent Corporate Advertising” (instructor: Harold Zimmerman, “Branding, Bragging and Bluffing: The Rhetoric of Corporate Advertising”)


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