~"Success and Challenge: News from the Community Writing (...and Speaking and Multimedia) Program" by Carolyn Ross

~ "PWR + Oral Communication Program = An Exercise in Collaboration" by Jennifer Hennings

~ "Welcome Aboard!" by Stacey Stanfield Anderson

~ "Thoughts on the Writing Center and SWC Workshop" by Nancy Buffington

~ "A New Look for the SWC Director" An Interview with Clyde Moneyhun by Alyssa O'Brien

~ "Bator's Take on Tufte" by Paul Bator

~ In the Spotlight: CBB Prepares for CCCC Bash - Interview with Marvin Diogenes by Alyssa O'Brien

~ "Big Fun at the Edward Albee Theatre Conference" by Kevin DiPirro

~ "Tid-Bits from a Tightwad" by Melissa Marconi

~ "What's Your Rhetorical Stance?" by Stacey Stanfield Anderson

~ "PMLA Alternative Source Citation" (outside link -- thanks Clyde!)

~ "Family Business" by Stacey Stanfield Anderson
Volume III | Number 2 | Winter 2005
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Hilton with Susan Wyle, Alyssa O'Brien, Christine Alfano, and Kevin DiPirro at the January 24th "How I Write" session.

On Thursday, January 24th, Hilton Obenzinger held his second "How I Write" conversation of the quarter. What made this particular interview special was that this roundtable discussion featured a group of people who demonstrate a commitment to writing both inside and outside the classroom: PWR instructors Christine Alfano, Kevin DiPirro, Alyssa O'Brien, and Susan Wyle.

Following in the tradition of PWR Director Andrea Lunsford, whose 2003 "How I Write" interview can still be enjoyed on the "How I Write" transcript website (in text and video form), these four lecturers spent over an hour discussing their own experiences with drafting, writer's block, technology-mediated

Members of the "How I Write" audience, taking copious notes on tips from the PWR lecturers.

writing and revision processes. These participants were selected based on their diverse writing and publishing experiences. Christine and Alyssa have recently published Envision: Persuasive Writing in a Visual World (Longman 2005); Susan is the author of Revisiting America: Readings in Race, Culture (Prentice Hall 2004), and Kevin's plays, including Through Shite to Shannon, have been published and performed in many venues. Their views on writing representing a similar diversity. (Read more...)


Marvin Diogenes (when asked, "What are the CBB plans for CCCC this year?”):

“This year will be the 20th anniversary of Humor Night, to be held on
Thursday, March 17 from 6:30-8:30 p.m.” Read about the songs the CBB archivists are discovering!


Clyde Moneyhun (when asked, "What’s with the new do, Director?”):

“If you want to see the hair cut as it happened, it’ll be on a show airing on CBS at 7:00 p.m. on February 10.” Read more about Clyde’s feelings concerning the hair cut experience and the phenomenon of the manly spa…



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