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Community Writing Project, June 2005


by Mark Feldman

As many of our students are hitting the beach or the ski slopes for spring break, an impressive contingent of PWR instructors are making a

photo from Chicago entry of Wikitravel

pilgrimage to the windy (and in March often cold and muddy) city of Chicago. This year the CCCC Annual Convention will be held in Chicago from March 22nd – 25th and the theme is “Composition in the Center Spaces: Building Community, Culture, Coalitions.” In a powerful demonstration of PWR’s teaching and research excellence, thirteen instructors will be presenting in Chicago.

Impressive as well is the range of presentations, from Jonathan Hunt’s “Activist Literacies” to Bump Halbritter’s “Technologizing the Word.” Many of the presentations seem to represent efforts to think through the relatively new PWR 2 course, which emphasizes oral delivery; multimedia rhetoric, presentation, and authoring; and collaboration. It will be excitingto see how this work can advance our thinking, as individual instructors and as a program!

A complete list of PWR presentations at 4Cs is available at our 4Cs schedule link.

And be sure not to miss Marvin Diogenes and Clyde Moneyhun, performing as the Composition Blues Band. This year’s performance is “Maximum Revision and Blues.” They will be playing at Humor Night, Thursday March 23rd, 7:30 – 9 p.m. in the Crystal Room on the 3rd floor of the Palmer House Hotel.


Good luck and safe travels to all.