The Quate Group
The Quate Group is a research group at Stanford University led by Dr. Calvin F. Quate. The group is made up primarily of Ph.D. students from the Department of Applied Physics, the Department of Electrical Engineering, and the Department of Mechanical Engineering. Check the list of group members for more details and contact information. The group is based in Ginzton Laboratory. Research is done both in Ginzton Laboratory and in the Stanford Nanofabrication Facility (SNF) at the Center for Integrated Systems (CIS).

Quate Group Research
Research in the Quate Group centers around imaging and lithography applications of scanning probes. Scanning probe microscopes provide a unique capability for accurate metrology and have found a niche in research laboratories (including materials research, biological applications, and semiconductor imaging) as well as in development and production lines in the semiconductor industry. These instruments also provide a unique high resolution patterning capability. The major limitation for scanning probe imaging and lithography is throughput. A major thrust of the work in our group is geared toward increasing throughput by scanning simultaneously with multiple probes all moving at high speeds.Our work involves the micromachining of cantilevers, fabrication of electron devices, system and circuit design, and the development and implementation of novel sensors and actuators.

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