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The majority of Q&A's events are focused on social interaction.  However, we also focus on building awareness of LGBTQQ issues that are relevant to the API community.  Some of Q&A's events include film screenings, structured and unstructured discussions, and hanging out on- and off-campus.


Here are a few events Q&A has held/participated in past years.


Q&A Retreat in San Francisco

Listen to the Silence


See last year's video of our performance at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0VMY5Y1zDng!

QPOC Summit at UC Berkeley



Q&A has meetings every other Tuesday from 9-10pm at the Asian American Activities Center (A3C) couchroom.


      Upcoming Events

Keep an eye out for the following events!

Queer & Asian Picnic

Screening of Shortbus (co-sponsored by QUIDS)



If you have any questions, wish to join our organization, mailing list, or one of our sib families, please email queerasians-owner@lists.stanford.edu.  All correspondence will be treated as confidential.