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Queer & Asian (Q&A) invites everyone to join our organization.  We are a respectful, supportive group of people who welcome individuals with a similar interest in the LGBTQQ and Asian communities.  You do not have to be queer, Asian, or out to join!


If you would like to join our group, please email queerasians-owner@lists.stanford.edu or come to one of our meetings every other Tuesday of the month at the Asian American Activities Center (A3C) couchroom from 9-10pm.


      Safe Space

Q&A highly respects our members' privacies.  Regardless of whether you are still questioning, out, or even an ally, everyone is welcome.   All of our members have the right to remain anonymous and anything that happens during our meetings, events, or online stay within the group.  Q&A wishes to build a supportive network for all our members and we honor their diversity.  Mutual respect and a mentality of non-judgment are key to building a close community.



If you have any questions, wish to join our organization, mailing list, or one of our sib families, please email queerasians-owner@lists.stanford.edu.  All correspondence will be treated as confidential.