April 14, 2005 - Interclub Scrimmage @ Cal
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The Situation

A squad of the Stanford faithful went to fight the forces of darkness (Cal, UC Santa Cruz, and UC Davis) at a weeknight scrimmage hosted by Berkeley. The evening turned out to be a racquetball extravaganza:

I had a lot of fun and learned which areas I need to work on (which is almost everything), Seriously, I really enjoyed it. By the time I got home, showered, and visited with my son, I did not get to bed until after 2am. Getting up was tough. However, I did make it on time at the blood drive. Dragged all day... I can't believe I played 8 games in total, and my body is not screaming bloody murder. It might tomorrow. -- Monica

With the bulk of the squad arriving a bit late (thanks Matt!), the warmup was limited. It didn't seem to hurt, however, as Will quickly took out Cal's #1 player (Aaron Parsons) and Quang beat their #2 player and team captain (Antony Wong). Matt and Aaron didn't fare as well, however, getting sucked into a variety of mixed-team doubles games, they never seemed to get their games going and didn't play well in singles either. Finally they teamed up in doubles:

I wanna win this one; my doubles reputation is at stake. -- Aaron (we did salvage the evening with a win in doubles, 15-14)

Whoop! For the record, Aaron wants everyone to know that he spent the day out on a boat in Monterey bay, not resting on his butt like Matt did ;-). Unfortunately, Quang's elbow started to throb -- think he needs a bit more court time, and the unfamiliar racquet was probably not a help, so he missed out on a couple of matches. A lot of the Cal players were hoping to test their mettle against him -- he looked pretty impressive when warming up! He did venture back out on the court with a larger-gripped racquet to see how his arm would hold up, and you could tell he wasn't quite sated:

I think I'll watch it tonight.
- Quang on getting a racquetball DVD as we drove back at midnight

We brought some gatorade to share among participants, and Cal called in some pizza. The gatorade was in response to the last tourney I had played at Cal, at which I lost 8 pounds (this time only 6, the difference being approximately 1qt of liquid)... the pizza proved to be a mixed blessing for the players (I abstained):

I beat her 15-3; I think it was the pizza that did her in. -- Monica
That pizza was a lifesaver! -- Will on home remedies for leg cramps

While the smart ones among us left early, the rest had to wait for the twit who played the last game (that would be Matt), and stumbled back to Stanford around midnight...

Club members also pitched in to get a Coach's Shirt for Jack, to thank him for his time helping with the club this year, not to mention the gas ($$$!) in making the trip down. Hopefully we'll remember his advice and hit at least a few down-the-line passes, stay back to cover the pass, and turn our bodies square to the sidewall when prepping our shots. 20050414_coachshirt.jpg

Photos / Videos:

I didn't get my camcorder up and running as I had initially hoped (I was playing too much), but I did snap a few shots and get a few short video clips with my camera:

A few more quotes

After diving for a ball, reaching it, but then losing the point after barely making it to my feet, I could have sworn I heard one of those Cobra Kai, er Cal guys yelling "Get him a body bag! YEAH!" Then Del told his player to "sweep the leg". Unlike Daniel-san Larusso, I still lost
-- Aaron
My best play today was bringing the gatorade.
-- Matt
You know I can stand here all day.
-- A delusional Cal player (he was insisting on showing "not ready" until the server called score, while the server was waiting to call the score once the receiver looked like he was ready.)
Heh heh heh
- Quang
His corner shots are like the pros.
-- a Cal player describing Aaron. (He must have been watching a different game, as Aaron was definitely off a bit; and, while hist front game is effective, it doesn't look exactly like the pros... ;-)
Wow, Stanford students are very honest, my students all cheat
- Another player commenting on a few carry calls or the like. [Ed note: I think we were just disgusted with our shots, and everyone in the court probably knew what had happened anyways ;-)]
Hey, I lost 6 pounds!
- Matt on dehydration

Seriously, thanks to Berkeley's club for hosting, and thanks to everyone who made the trip. Hopefully this is the seed for a vibrant intercollegiate competition!