Coach: Jack Hughes

Jack Hughes, a semi-retired pro, volunteers his time to coach us. At his most recent tournament in October 2004, Jack came in second at the USAR National Doubles Championships in Arizona. Feel free to ask him for advice on your game, although he has been known to speak up if my feet get too lazy or I hit a cross-court too many...

YMCA Racquetball Clinics

YMCA Club Pro: Gil Cepeda

YMCA Club Pro Gil Cepeda has a series of clinics open to all YMCA members. Stanford club members are encouraged to attend.

11/21 Pinch, Splat, and Kill
Clinic covers the proper footwork to set up to execute these offensive shots, the different contact points for hitting them correctly, and the strategy behind when and where to use them, plus practice drills.

12/05 Serves for Every Situations
Clinic covers lob serves (along-the-wall, Z, nick, junk) and drive/power serves (V, wrap, jam, hard Z), and the strategy behind using each serve effectively

12/19 Defending Yourself
Clinic covers drills and tips for hitting effective ceiling balls, three-wall balls, and Zs, plus the strategy behind the defensive game and when to use it.

1/30 Drills, Drills, Drills
Covers the following drills to help players when practicing by themselves or with a friend: drop-and-hit, off the back wall, off the side wall, short-hop, fly-kill, shoot-and-cover, soft hands, and situational games.

2/13 Mid-Game Adjustments
For players of all levels, this clinic will cover situational racquetball: including assessing your opponent (aggressive/passive?, power/control?, shooter/dinker?), learning how to make proper adjustments mid-game as well as mid-rally.

2/27 Return of Serve
Designed for intermediate ot advanced players, this clinic covers drills and tips for effectively returning drive serves and cutting off lob serves, as well as the strategy behind serve return.

03/13 Power-vs-Control
For players of all levels, this clinic will cover situational racquetball with the emphasis on front-mid-deep court shot selection and the strategies behind control and power shot execution..

03/27 Show Me Your Backhand
Covers changes in grip and stance for backhand shots, footwork and technique to increase power and control, plus practice drills.

04/10 Who's Minding the Ball?
For players of all levels, this clinic is a must for all players intent on taking their games to the next level. If you can't see it, you can't hit it! Covers the major differences between looking at and seeing the ball and truly tracking the ball. Improper tracking almost always results in poor execution.

04/24 Double -the-Trouble
Covers situational doubles strategy. Court position/coverage and serves for doubles play against righty-righty teams and lefty-righty teams. Also includes tips on how to choose an ideal doubles partner to suit your style of play.

Additional Resources

More experienced players are always willing to offer advice, and there are a number of books and videos available for the lending--just ask!