Club History

2005—2006: Men's team wins 2006 WCRC title

Under the leadership of team captain David Medina, Stanford Racquetball established ties with the Palo Alto YMCA in order to secure a training facility, and then went on to field the conference's dominant men's team for the WCRC's inaugural year.

This accomplishment wasn't on the back of any one star player, but was the result of the strength and depth of the squad as a whole. Team members included Aaron Plotnik, Agustin Ramirez, David Medina, Jongyoon Peck, Matthew Hills, Quang Nguyen, Raul Loya, Ro-el Cordero, Sam Gross, Steve Frayne, Tom James, and Will Anderson. While they couldn't compete with the team, post-docs Aron Levin and Morteza Shahram were huge assets in beating the team into shape, week after week.

2004—2005: rebirth

After a period of dormancy, the club was reborn under the leadership of Ro-el Cordero and Todd McLaughlin. Ro-el tracked down a number of former high school and juniors players, while Todd worked to secure the coaching support of Jack Hughes (from R.A.C. of Burlingame). In this first year of growth, a player nucleus was formed that began to play regularly and started to prepare for competition.

1993—1995: the Kaltman years

Junior Ryan Kaltman organized the club, recognizing the potential for an outstanding team based upon national High School champions Elkova Icenogle and James Mulcock. With a deep men's team and a strong women's player, the team placed in the top 10 at the 1994 and 1995 Intercollegiate Nationals.

The team was coached by Clyde Barker, and support and sponsorship was provided by Courtesy Sports of Los Altos.