About Joining...

Joining the Club

The club is open to all Stanford affiliates (students, faculty, and staff) who want to play racquetball. Besides the fun and exercise from club practices, all club members—beginners and advanced alike—are encouraged to participate in scrimmages with local schools (Berkeley, San Jose State, and UC Santa Cruz), where you will play your counterparts from those schools.

The club plays at the racquetball courts on campus at the Ford Center. Three courts are reserved for the club during the club practices, Tues/Thurs 7-9PM.

To learn more, email Christian Schwantes or Mike Marx at racquetball-owner@lists.stanford.edu and sign up for the mailing list (See below).

Club Email List

To subscribe to the club's email list, sign up at: mailman.stanford.edu.

Once you have subscribed yourself, you are able to send email to the club's list. The email list is: racquetball@lists.stanford.edu.

Skill Levels

The club includes players from complete beginners to state High School champions. While you will have the most competitive play with the other players close to your ability, playing and watching more experienced players will stretch your abilities and help you learn, while playing newer players will relax the pressure and allow you to focus on your game to improve accuracy and consistency.