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04/14/2012 Tourney @ UCSD
02/11/2012 Tourney @ UCD
01/29/2011Stanford Tournament
11/21/2010Tourney @ UC Berkeley
11/07/2010Stanford Tournament
10/07/2010First Club Meeting
04/09/2010Intramural tournament
02/06/2010Tourney @ UC Davis
11/7/2009Tourney @ Berkeley
11/29/2009Intramural tournament
04/24/2009Tourney @ Santa Cruz
02/07/2009Tourney @ UCD
11/08/2008Tourney @ SJSU
10/03/2008Intramural Tournament
03/15/2008 Tourney @ SJSU
02/02/2008 Tourney @ UCD
11/11/2007 Tourney @ Cal
10/06/2007 Outdoor Racquetball !!!
03/03/2007 Tourney @ SJSU
02/03/2007 Tourney @ UCD
10/31/2006 Tourney @ Berkeley
03/04/2006 Tourney @ SJSU
02/04/2006 Tourney @ UCD
10/29/2005 Tourney @ Cal
10/21/2005 Scrimmage @ SJSU
04/14/2005 Scrimmage @ Berkeley

Recent Results

John Sanderson has continued his domination of the racquetball events by winning the Winter 2012 Men's I Tournament at UC Davis as well as the Spring Men's I Tournament at UC Santa Cruz.

We've had some recent success from others as well, with Christian Schwantes winning the Spring 2012 Men's II Tournament, and Mike Marx having a strong showing in the Men's III Tournament at UC Santa Cruz.

Racquetball Team (2007)

Feb 2007: Stanford team at UCD tournament. Left-to-right: Kevin Miklasz, Dina Arvanitis, Sam Gross, Angie Hahn, Alejandro "the freshman" Ortega, Jong-yoon Peck, Chris O'Neil, Colleen Keating, David Medina, Ro-el Cordero, Quang "gimmie a ham sandwich" Nguyen, and Matthew Hills.

Team News

Oct 2006: Stanford took 3rd place at the first tournament of the year, hosted at UC Berkeley. It was terrific to launch our women's team at this tournament, facing off against their counterparts from UC Davis, Berkeley, and San Jose State. (see the WCRC writeup).

Message sent to the team:

First off, what am I doing up at 5am?!!! (stupid daylight savings)

Anyways, it was great to see you guys out at the tournament, fighting the good fight. Here's the quick overall team results:

  1. 965 UC Davis
  2. 928 UC Berkeley
  3. 611 Stanford
  4. 488 CSU Sacramento
  5. 280 Butte College
  6. 202 San Jose State
  7. 140 UC Santa Cruz
  8. 132 Goldenwest

The UC Davis result was 662 points from their women's team, and 303 points from their men's. Cal's men's team edged ours out -- Stanford pummeled them every which way in Div II, but they picked up the difference + change in Div I and Div III. Our women's team debut was quite the success--Angie and Dina were playing much better than Cal's newest women players. It will take a bit of work to catch up to Betsy (Cal) and Ji-Youn (UCD), but I saw them both taking notes during the women's final, and I can see them having great matchups with Nikki and Gina (UCD) by the middle of the year. (I expect next tourney to be at UCD in early February)

Quang pulled off some surprising upsets; unfortunately, he was the favorite in some of those... Although, I heard that he is currently holding the team's speed record somewhere around 150mph on a serve. (anyone know the exact number?).

Ro-el had back-to-back matches against the Parsons brothers. He beat the less experienced (but faster) one, and then dismantled the Sac State player whom people were later wondering "why isn't that guy in the finals?" Ro-el looks like he's playing some good ball overall, although he would probably do better to stick to just one racquet -- he went through 3 of them. In the end, he seemed to favor the racquets with intact strings.

I didn't get to see any of Alex's matches, although he goes down in my book as a "good guy in a white hat" for his willingness to play in the much-dreaded "court #15." A tournament-director's delight. Hope you enjoyed the games, and I'll try not to have you playing into Sam as your 2nd match next time...

Speaking of Sam... Sam will be the death of many a tournament director, with his penchant for tiebreakers. Think I'll just count his matches as double for scheduling purposes. After a bump into the red division from a UCD player, he rolled into the finals, ultimately conceding the match in a (no points for guessing this) tiebreaker against Dave "killer" Brown (UCSC) -- looked like a pretty good match.

I only saw a few of Raul's rallys, but he was flying around the court. He deposed "the killer" in the first round before getting bumped out by a Cal player in the 2nd round; from there he cruised to the win in the blue division. Great playing!

Jongyoon and Alejandro both played very well, and ended up facing each other in the 3/4 playoffs, earning great points for the team. These guys will need to come up with a game plan for Allan Santos at the next tournament, as he looks to be the other contender near the top of the Div II bracket.

I've been holding off on saying this, but unfortunately Dave has now played himself out of Div II. No amount of kicking or screaming will help; he's going to be bumped up to Div I. During the brief interview after his final's win over Cal's Allan Santos, Dave attributed his success to his solid breakfast. Rumor has it that Angie might still have some in her car, for any who wish to try this ambrosia...

That's it for now... will let you know when we get photos and/or video up. (speaking of which, anyone have any photos they want to submit?)


March 2006: Stanford's Men's team finished #1 in the WCRC for the 2005/06 season (WCRC season results). This accomplishment wasn't on the back of any one star player, but has been the result of the strength and depth of the squad as a whole.

Sep 2005: Stanford's team will be competing with other college programs on the west coast for the 2005/2006 season in preparation for Collegiate Nationals (March 29th—Apr 1st 2006). The schedule is in the sidebar at right. (see the WCRC website for more info)

In the 2004/2005 season, the club sent a squad to Berkeley to play a scrimmage with players from Cal, Santa Cruz, and Davis.

Team Eligibility

Scrimmages are open to all club players. Beginners and non-students are encouraged to participate!

Intercollegiate Tournament (WCRC) eligibility:

2005 Intercollegiate Nationals Video


(44 MB -- I recommend downloading the video to your hard drive before playing)

The video is from the first game of the #1 doubles final between Colorado State University Pueblo (white shorts) and the University of Alabama (red shorts). CSU Pueblo's team had Chris Barton on forehand and Ben Croft on backhand. Alabama's team had Mike Lawrence on forehand and Agustin Tristan on backhand. The video was recorded and produced by Bill Hall (Texas A&M).