What do CAs do?

Community Associates (CAs) are graduate students who enjoy being involved with the Rains community. Their goal is to help build a sense of community among Rains residents. CAs:

  • Plan educational, cultural, social, and recreational programs at the neighborhood and Rains-wide levels.

  • Offer information and advice to anyone who needs help finding services or information on Stanford Campus.

  • Create opportunities for residents to take an active role in the organization of events.

Each building in Rains is part of a neighborhood served by at least two CAs. We have a lot of information about Stanford and the surrounding communities. We're available when you have specific questions and when you just want to talk.

Who are the CAs?

Head CAs
Sharon Briggs sfbriggs
Lauren Howe lchowe
Neighborhood CAs
Buildings 206-209
Scott Arcenas

Sabrina Papazian

Steve Krukowski


The Hood
Buildings 212-214
David Montague

Akshay Chaudhari

The Plains of Rains
Buildings 215, 216
Colleen Rosania

Duncan Eddy

The Beach House
Buildings 217, 218
Shannon McClintock

John Taggart

Buildings 220-226
Peyton Greenside

Joe Funke

Buildings 227-229
Sarah Poole

Brandon Silberstein

Nick Arnosti


Buildings 229-238
Kate Stuckman

Sam Corbett-Davies

More Rains CAs
Treasurer Blair Benham-Pyle blairb1
Webmaster Zach Zappala zappala
Rains-Wide CA Javier Stober stober

CA Bios

Colleen Rosania

Hey everyone, and welcome to Rains! I'm Colleen and a CA for the best neighborhood of all, the Plains of Rains! I'm a fifth year Aeronautics & Astronautics PhD student here at Stanford specializing in structures and materials, specifically composite materials such as carbon fiber reinforced polymers. Originally I hail from Alexandria, VA and I did my undergrad degree in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Rochester in New York before coming to sunny and amazing Stanford. When not breaking things in lab (experiments are awesome!) I enjoy swimming, social dance, and watching or reading as much sci-fi as possible. I'm super excited to be a CA this year, meet all of you and run fantastic events!

Javier Stober

Hi! My name is Javier and I'm a 4th-year grad student in Aero/Astro Engineering. I had the good fortune of being a University of Florida Gator for undergrad, before coming out to the Bay Area. My academic background and interest is in all things propulsion, but I particularly fancy experimental hybrid rocket propulsion. Ask me about it, and our conversation will have no end. When not launching rockets, I thoroughly enjoy learning about different cultures, road-tripping aimlessly, and musical theater.

I'm super-psyched to be serving the Rains community as a CA and look forward to the opportunity of supporting Rainsians in any capacity. Don't hesitate to shoot me an email or stop me to say hello :)

Joe Funke

Hey! I'm Joe, one of the Midtown CAs. I'm from (the great state of!) Ohio and did my undergrad at the Franklin Olin College of Engineering, a new and small school outside Boston. Afterwards, I came directly to grad school here at Stanford, where I'm now beginning my 5th year in Mechanical Engineering. I play with cars and computers, both in the lab and for fun. Outside of that, I'm always looking for new experiences and hope I can introduce you guys to some great things to do here at Stanford!

John Taggart

Welcome to Rains! My name's John, and I'm a returning CA for the Beach House neighborhood. I’m originally from Atlanta, Georgia, but have lived in a variety of places around the US since. This will be my fourth year at Stanford, so if you’re new and have any questions about the place, don’t hesitate to ask. I’m in the department of Management Science & Engineering, working in energy economics and policy. In my free time (when there is any, and often when there isn't), you'll likely find me running the Dish, grilling outside for a potluck, playing ina pickup soccer game, or hiking up in the Santa Cruz mountains. I'm looking forward to seeing you at the awesome Rains events we've got in store for you this year, though if you have any suggestions for fun activities, just let me know!

Duncan Eddy

Hello Rainsians! I’m Duncan and I’m pumped to be a CA in the Plains. I grew up in Boston and got my undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering from Rice down in Houston. Currently, I am a second-year PhD student in Aero/Astro, studying distributed satellite systems. In my free time I love perfecting new barbeque recipes, taking advantage of the great California outdoors, playing any and all types of games, and voraciously reading—philosophy of science and science fiction in particular. I also love exploring San Francisco to discover new (read “cheap”) eats and aspiring bands. I can’t wait to meet everyone; so say hello, let me know what you love to do, and always get in touch if you have questions or suggestions!

Peyton Greenside

Hey everyone! My name is Peyton, and I'll be one of your CAs in Midtown. I'm a second year PhD student in Biomedical Informatics, which means I spend my time analyzing genomes to understand how disease arises. I grew up in North Carolina and then moved north and did my undergrad at Harvard in applied math. I also spent a year drinking tea and eating scones in England and a year working at a genomics research institute before coming to Stanford. Now I spend all of my free time going hiking, playing sports, and finding ways to travel to exciting places. Let me know if you have any fun ideas for events, and I look forward to getting to know you all this year!

Lauren "The Yellow Dart" Howe

Hey there fellow Rainsians! I'm Lauren, one of your head CAs with Sharon. I'm a 4th year PhD in Social Psychology, and I study all sorts of things, including doctor-patient interactions, romantic rejection, and communication about science and politics. I grew up in Virginia, where I was proud to be a Wahoo for undergrad. I lived in Germany for a couple years, studying abroad and teaching English - Berlin and Freiburg (a city near the Black Forest) are particularly favorite places of mine. I'll take any opportunity I can to go hiking, jump into lakes, cook with friends, attempt to successfully garden, read as much as possible (let me know if you have sci fi recommendations), and check out live music. Mostly I love getting to know people, so find me and strike up a conversation anytime. Let me know if there's any kinds of events that you'd like to see happen this year (I'm happy to help you host your dream event!)

Brandon Silberstein

Hi Rains,I’m Brandon Silberstein. I’m doing the Masters in Public Policy Program, and I’m digging it. I also did undergrad here, so I’m pretty handy when it comes to knowing things about campus. I like soccer, ultimate, football, and expressing my wants and needs simply. To these ends, I also enjoy baked goods and assorted sweets. I hate bananas. Please do not eat bananas near me. I really cannot stand them. Seeing as I live in Hilgarde, I will also add ‘pillaging’ to my list of activities I enjoy. I expect we will do a lot of it, as Hilgarde is the Viking-in-name apartment complex. My apologies to any of the Nordic in our community who feel that I may have mis-represented your proud heritage. My deepest apologies.

Sarah Poole

Hi! My name is Sarah, and I'm very excited to be part of the Hilgard CA team! I grew up on a dairy farm in New Zealand, and I arrived at Stanford in 2013 to study towards a PhD in Biomedical Informatics. I have had a terrific time here so far, and have found some really cool activities in the area that I'm looking forward to sharing with you! I love the outdoors, and am always up for trying new activities, so if you have any ideas be sure to let me know!

Scott Arcenas

Howdy, and welcome to Rains! My name is Scott, and I'm neither an engineer nor a scientist of any sort. In fact, I'm a second-year PhD student in the Classics Department, focusing primarily on Greek political and legal history, during the 6th-4th centuries, B.C.. Originally from Casper, Wyoming, I now both live and serve as a CA in the Multicultural Theme House (MCTH!). In my spare time (and yes, grad school really does leave you spare time!), I enjoy any and all water sports, hiking, fishing, cooking, eating-basically anything that involves food, the outdoors, or (preferably) both. I look forward to meeting you all, and please don't hesitate to contact me, if you have any questions or concerns.

Sharon Briggs

My name is Sharon and this is my fourth year in the Rains CA program but my first year being Head CA. I am really looking forward to making sure that everyone has an enjoyable time living in Rains and is able to meet new people and try new things. If there is any way we could do a better job or you have suggestions to improve what we do, please feel free to reach out to me. I was born and raised in West Virginia and went to college in Pittsburgh. Outside of the CA program I am starting my fifth year in the Genetics Department studying human stem cells and I am really interested in prenatal genetic testing. When I am not in lab, I love playing and watching sports, baking, reading, and exploring new places. I am looking forward to meeting many of you too!

Sam Corbett-Davies

Hey Rains! I'm Sam, one of your new CAs for the Frontier. I'm from New Zealand - I grew up in the North Island and did my undergrad in Christchurch. I'm a second year PhD student in CS, studying robotics and computer vision. In my plentiful spare time I play tennis, volleyball and soccer, sample California's fantastic beer and wine, and generally soak up US culture! Get in touch with me if you've got an idea for an event involving sun, sport or alcohol (in any combination), I'm always down to meet new people.

Blair Benham-Pyle

Hello Everyone! I’m Blair and I am a CA in Midtown. I’m a third year PhD student in Cancer Biology and I study how mechanical forces influence cell behavior and cell signaling. I was born and raised in Minnesota, then moved out to Connecticut to do my undergrad at Yale University. In my free time, I enjoy pick up Volleyball, chilling outdoors with a good book or a game of cards/poker, and movie marathons. I’m so excited to get to know you and plan lots of awesome events this year! If you have any questions or suggestions, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

David Montague

Hello! I'm David, and I'm a returning CA in The Hood. I'm a 3rd year PhD student in the math department, and my research interests have a lot of overlap with statistics as well. I was born and raised in Michigan, and went to the University of Michigan for my undergrad. I did a master's at Cambridge, and am now happily settled at Stanford away from the cold! I love it here in California, and have taken up a number of hobbies since I arrived, including surfing, snowboarding, autocross, and piano. I have met a ton of awesome people through Rains, and I'm looking forward this year to a lot more new experiences and friends!

Akshay Chaudhari

Hey everyone, I'm Akshay and I am really stoked to be one of your CA's this year. I am a third year PhD student in the Bioengineering department. I work in medical imaging to look inside of you better (but not in a weird way). I am focusing on how we can improve the quality of current MRI procedures so that we can improve medical diagnoses. In my free time, I absolutely love playing and watching sports. I also enjoy biking around the gorgeous scenery that we have at Stanford. I am also an avid fan of electronic music and love going to shows. Feel free to drop me a line if you'd want to to chat. I look forward to meeting all of you!

Nick Arnosti

Hi! I grew up in Minnesota, and headed to Williams College for undergrad, where I majored in Math and Computer Science. This is my fourth year at Stanford (hard to believe!), where I'm a PhD student in Management Science and Engineering. My research focuses on game theory and market design - I think it's a super cool area, so feel free to ask me more if you're interested.

I love travel (I've spent ~4 months out of the last 14 abroad in Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Nepal, and Greece), dance (ask me about the contra dances in downtown Palo Alto), and hiking/camping (there are too many nearby options to name). I'm almost always up for a board game, a run around the dish, or a game of racquetball. Welcome to Rains - I'm looking forward to meeting you!

Steve Krukowski

Hey Everyone, I’m Steve. I’ve been living in MCTH for over two years and I’m excited to be a new CA for the best-located neighborhood in Rains (right next to party central, Hacienda Commons)! I’m a 4th year PhD student in Aero/Astro and I work on path planning for autonomous underwater vehicles. I was born in Texas, grew up mostly in the eastern half the US, did my undergrad at Penn State, took a few years off from studies to be a flight test engineer, and now I am enjoying my first West Coast living experience in California! I’m generally up to do anything, but I specifically love: playing any sport imaginable, being active outdoors (especially beach/water related activities), listening to live music, eating the variety of delicious food SF has to offer, attending (and throwing) creatively themed parties, watching films I’ve never seen, exploring the Bay Area (and beyond), and apparently writing long comma-delimited, most likely grammatically incorrect, lists (evident from this bio). Welcome to Rains, I look forward to meeting all of you!

Sabrina Papazian

Hey there, Rains! My name is Sabrina and I’m a second year PhD student in the Anthropology Department studying archaeological heritage management in Armenia. I am a native East coaster, born and raised in northern Virginia and spent my undergrad in the frigid tundra of upstate New York at Cornell University. After living a decent amount of time on the East coast, I crossed the pond to Cambridge, where I spent a year studying, rowing, and pretending I attended Hogwarts, before I ended up here at Stanford. If you don’t find me huddled up reading and writing in one of Stanford’s many libraries or outdoor cafes, you’ll find me biking, taking up a wild new PE class, throwing spontaneous dance parties, or finding new places to explore. I’m excited to be a CA this year but even more excited to meet new faces and welcoming you all to the Stanford graduate community. It is going to be a great year for sure!

Kate Stuckman

Howdy!!! My name is Kate, I am an EE master’s student, and I am SO EXCITED to be a Rains CA in Frontier this year! I am from Texas and did my undergrad at Texas A&M (WHOOP!), but have LOVED my time so far in beautiful Northern California! You can find me going into the city, eating banana splits, playing board games, finding and buying bay area Groupons, singing and dancing, finding free food on campus, chilling in the grass on every beautiful day, cheering on Aggie football, failing at pinterest crafts, playing tennis, and always looking for new ADVENTURES! I am so excited to meet y’all, and can’t wait to hear y’all’s ideas for fun Rains events...get PUMPED for a great year!

Shannon McClintock

Hey guys! My name is Shannon and I'm a CA in Beach House. I'm originally from San Diego and came to Stanford for my undergrad. Other than a fantastic year abroad in Oxford, I've been here since and am currently pursuing a Masters in Mechanical Engineering. I love working with cars, singing, reading Gothic literature, and watching 80s action movies. Feel free to hunt me down with questions, thoughts, ideas, or suggestions. I'm really looking forward to meeting you all this year!

Zach Zappala

Hey all, my name is Zach and I'm one of your Rains-wide CAs this year (but I live in the Frontier!). I'm a 3rd year PhD student in the Genetics department, where I spend my days investigating the functional impact of genetic variation in humans. I was born in New York but raised and went to college in New Jersey, save a lovely stint in Tokyo. I enjoy doing pretty much anything and everything, but I particularly like cooking, playing sports, and spending (almost) all of my stipend money on concerts. I'm really excited to be a CA - I look forward to meeting all of you!