Common Area Policies


Timoshenko Lounge and Fairclough Lounge can be reserved for private parties by seeing Anna in the Rains office on weekdays from 1pm-5pm.  You can also call her at 725-4739 or email acarriel at stanford dot edu for more info. Fairclough Lounge has a TV, VCR and DVD player.


Hacienda Commons and The Buttery are common areas that will be used to host many CA events.


Computer Clusters and Music rooms are common areas that your Rains key will open.


Willis Lounge and the Games Room are also common areas that any Rains key will open and can be used by any residents at any time.  Willis Lounge has a TV, VCR and DVD player. There are BBQ grills outside available on a first-come, first-served basis.    The Games room has a pool table and some pool equipment.


Common Area Rules and Responsibilities:

1)      Never prop doors.  Temporary propping for ventilation is acceptable, however, doors must be closed and locked upon exiting.  This goes for computer clusters, music rooms and all other common areas.

2)      No parties.  Open common areas (Willis and the Games Room) should only be used for their designated purposes.  This means that playing pool, watching TV and having small quiet gatherings is acceptable. The grills outside Willis can also be used for cookouts (please make sure to put out coals so they are cold to the touch before you leave, and never put hot coals in the trash!).  Parties and loud gatherings are not acceptable uses of common areas.  These areas should be used on a first come, first served basis and cannot be reserved.

3)      Damages & Theft.  Costs from damage and theft in Rains common areas will be paid by the individual(s) responsible when possible.  In cases where those responsible cannot be identified, repairs, replacement, or cleanup costs will be charged to house dues.  Your house dues are the funds which provide for events and programming in Rains, so anonymous damage or theft in common areas will directly affect the number of events and parties we can provide in Rains.

4)      Neighborhood watch.   Rains common spaces are unique among graduate residences at Stanford.  As a result, it is the responsibility of every Rains resident to help monitor and maintain the safety, security, and cleanliness of these spaces so they may continue to be used and enjoyed by the Rains community.  If you witness irresponsible or potentially destructive behavior in Rains common facilities please email the head-CAs and call the police at 329-2413 (non-emergency police) and 9-911 for emergencies.

5)       Unfortunately, if too much damage occurs, ALL Rains residents may lose access to the common areas.