Willis Lounge Policy

(includes the patio, BBQ grills & volleyball court)

  • Willis Lounge is NOT available for use by student groups (or any other groups for that matter).

  • It is also NOT reservable by Rains residents.

  • To be more clear: Willis Lounge is not available for large groups to hold social events, as there are numerous other locations on campus for such events (e.g., BBQ grills can be found near Bechtel I-Center, Lake Lagunita and Terman Engineering), nor is Willis available for children's birthday parties, departmental welcome events, or classes (to name a few events we've seen in Willis recently).

  • The purpose of Willis Lounge is twofold:

    1) To serve as a venue for events organized by Rains CAs.

    2) To serve the needs of individual Rains residents on a first-come first-served basis.

    In case of a conflict between 1) and 2), CA events take precedence.

  • Residents can reserve Timoshenko Lounge (in building 30) for private events. Contact the Rains Office to find out how.

  • Why we have this policy: Willis Lounge is one of the few common lounges in Rains, and its principal purpose is to serve the recreational needs of individual Rains residents.

    Remember: Rains is a residential area and the students who live here like to have a little peace and quiet, be able to use the BBQ grilling area to cook food, watch their favorite TV shows and play a game of volleyball without having to negotiate around the increasing number of groups who wish to use Willis lounge for large events.

  • If you have any questions about this policy, please contact the Community Associates via Shandor Dektor (sgd at stanford.edu). Also, contact me if you are not receiving our weekly email announcements about events in Rains!