Approved guidelines for the day-to-day functionality of the organization.

Access Restriction Policy

Approved: 06/05/90
Amended: 05/17/15

Purpose: The objectives of Ram's Head, as stated in the Constitution, include presenting professional-quality productions and the promotion of camaraderie among the members. To achieve these goals, certain activities must be restricted in order to preserve an atmosphere of professionalism, membership and group identity. In addition, the preservation of copyrights to original material (i.e. Gaieties) and licensing agreements (i.e. Spring Show) requires access to certain items also be restricted.

  1. Ram's Head rehearsals and auditions are closed to those not directly involved with the activity at hand. Exceptions may be granted by the stage manager of that particular production in consultation with the directorial staff, which includes the director, music director, vocal director, choreographer, and their assistants.
  2. Show staff, executive officers, executive staff and the Board of Directors choosing to visit a rehearsal or audition are required to notify the stage manager in advance of their intention.
  3. Casting meetings are closed to all except the directorial and stage management staffs and the Producer of that particular show. The directorial staff may also include additional persons they strongly desire for assistance in casting, such as the Ram's Head Executive Producer. The directorial staff should be the primary source of decisions and comments regarding artistic concerns.
  4. Show videotapes, audio recordings, and photos may only be distributed to the cast, staff, crew, and orchestra of that production and the Ram's Head Executive Producer, Executive Staff, and Board of Directors. Any external uses of archival media must be approved by the Board of Directors. The Board reserves the right to use this material as it sees fit for marketing the organization.
  5. Videotaping, audio recording, and photography by anyone other than the designated Ram's Head representative or authorized media is strictly prohibited. However, during the show photocall, additional photographers are allowed, provided they are taking pictures for cast, crew, staff, or orchestra members only. These additional photographers shall in no way interfere with the official Ram's Head photographer. It is strongly encouraged that designers use this opportunity to take portfolio shots, as the director is not obligated to include such shots within the official photocall.
  6. Videotaping or audio recording for rebroadcast by any media outlet is prohibited.

Alcohol Policy

Approved: 11/16/2000

Purpose: Due to a heightened awareness of underage alcohol consumption from the university and potential raucous and dangerous behavior at Ram's Head functions, Ram's Head must develop an internal alcohol policy. This will help to stem foolish behavior before it starts, and will help to protect not only those who imbibe unreasonable amounts but also the Ram's Head Board members and Executive Producer, who are ultimately accountable for all Ram's Head functions.

Policy: At all Ram's Head functions in which alcohol is served, 1 (one) sober monitor must be present for every 50 drinking attendees. The names of all sober monitors must be submitted to the Board for approval at least one week prior the party. The Board reserves the right to reject the selection of any sober monitors. The party may not take place until all sober monitors have been selected, and while alcohol is still being served, a sober monitor must always be present. A bartender may not be considered a sober monitor.

Sober Monitor: A sober monitor is an attendee of the party who abstains from imbibing any alcohol whatsoever and must be a member of Ram's Head and at least a sophomore. This person must be familiar with dealing with intoxicated people, and it is heavily recommended that he or she have first aid training or experience. Further, the sober monitor must posses a valid driver's license and have access to a vehicle during the event. His or her responsibility and authorities include halting any dangerous or illegal behavior. Producers or the Board may create incentives or rewards for those who volunteer to be sober monitors. A sober monitor does not hold any legal liability for the actions of any partygoers.

Recommendations: It is heavily recommended that at all Ram's Head functions with alcohol provided, a professional bartender be hired or recruited. His or her presence will limit the amount of alcohol consumption by creating a bottleneck, and part of his or her responsibility is to deny or limit the consumption of alcohol by those already severely intoxicated.

Casting Policy

Approved: 01/31/11
Amended: 05/17/15

Purpose: To provide fair and consistent casting policies for production staff to follow and auditionees to expect.

  1. Those who are called back are expected to accept their role if cast, and this should be made very clear to auditionees. The auditionee shall be asked in the audition packet if they "will accept any role." His or her response shall be considered absolute once casting deliberations begin.
  2. An auditionee may be cast even if he or she is not "called back." All those not called back should receive an e-mail that details this possibility.
  3. No external communication may occur during casting deliberations. All communication devices should be turned off, unless needed to facilitate the casting process.
  4. A cast list must be sent to the Board of Directors immediately following deliberation and prior to rollouts.
  5. The auditionees must be notified of how they will be informed of the casting decision. Rejection notices must be sent within two hours of rollouts or the announcement of the cast by the Producer.
  6. With the exceptions of an actor dropping out or not respecting the terms of the cast contract, casting is set in stone once the list is sent to the Board of Directors. Any proposed alterations must be made known to the Board of Directors before they are acted upon.
  7. If an actor drops out, the following steps should occur to fill his or her role:
    1. The production staff should meet to determine the best replacement from within the audition pool. The replacement must have indicated prior to the cast list announcement a willingness to play the part he or she is being offered.
    2. If the staff concludes that no one from the audition pool is appropriate and/or sufficient, the staff must hold a second audition advertised to the community.
  8. During auditions, callbacks, and deliberations, the staff of the show may not communicate with auditionees about the audition process in any form other than e-mail through the stage manager or Producer. If a staff member is contacted by an auditionee, it is the responsibility of the staff member to direct him or her to email the appropriate person. Questions from auditionees following rollouts must be similarly addressed to the Producer.
  9. No member of the production staff will comment on an auditionee's audition or why a certain person was or was not cast.

Complimentary and Advance Sales Ticket Policy

Approved: 04/21/87
Amended: 05/02/99
Amended: 05/17/15

Purpose: To provide Ram's Head Producers and their delegates a uniform and consistent policy for the distribution of complimentary and advance sale tickets for Ram's Head performances to Ram's Head members.

A complimentary ticket is defined as a ticket given to someone free of charge.

An advance sale ticket is defined as a ticket sold to someone at full price before tickets have been made available for sale, in groups or individually, to the general public. The advantages of an advance sale ticket include guaranteed ticket availability and/or preferred seating location.

Sufficiently prior to tickets being made available to the general public, complimentary and/or advance sale tickets shall be made available to members of the show's staff, cast, crew and orchestra, as well as to members of the Ram's Head Executive Staff and Board of Directors, on the following basis:

  1. All members of the show's staff, cast, and orchestra, shall be entitled to receive up to two (2) complimentary tickets for a performance or performances designated by the show's Producer. These two (2) complimentary tickets are the total number of complimentary tickets available for each person for the entire run of the show, not on a per night basis. The Producer may give fewer than two (2) complimentary tickets or no complimentary tickets at all at his/her discretion.
  2. When advantageous, it is expected that the show's Producer will restrict the availability of complimentary tickets to include largely performances that are usually slow sellers or where it is in the best interest of the show that as many tickets are sold as possible. For example, complimentary tickets would be available for the Wednesday night performance of Gaieties and not for the Friday night performance. The Board of Directors shall be informed for which days complimentary tickets are available.
  3. The show's staff may watch any number of performances of their choosing. This shall not be considered as using one (1) of their provided complimentary tickets. For Memorial Auditorium shows, a staff row may be provided for this purpose. For shows in smaller venues or where a sellout is anticipated, the staff is asked to be conscientious so as to not take seats away from paying patrons.
  4. The Ram's Head Board of Directors, Executive Producer, and the current year's Producers are entitled to one (1) complimentary ticket. This ticket may only be used by the person to whom it is given; it is non-transferable. This ticket may be used for any performance of the show and is not restricted to the shows for which staff, cast, and orchestra complimentary tickets are available.
  5. All members of the show's staff, cast, crew and orchestra shall be entitled to purchase advance sale tickets.

Tickets requested by eligible persons after the deadline or in excess of the above entitlements specified by the Producer shall be granted as available. The seat location of any such tickets will be the best available at the time of the request.

Exceptions to this policy for individuals with special needs are left to the discretion of the Producer or the Executive Producer.

Copyright and Reproduction Policy

Approved: 11/06/11

Purpose: To provide the writers, the Ram's Head Board of Directors, and Executive Producers and their delegates a uniform and consistent policy regarding the ownership of plays and rights to reproduce them.

  1. Gaieties is and remains the sole property of Ram's Head Theatrical Society.
    1. Writers and Composers may petition the Board, in writing, for the right to reproduce a scene or song for another venue. They must also obtain permission from at least one other member of the writing staff, and, for a song, the composer.
    2. No one may reproduce Gaieties in whole without the consent of the Board of Directors and notification to the writing staff.
    3. Should permission be granted, the line "Originally produced by Ram's Head Theatrical Society, Stanford University" must appear prominently in all publicity and the program. "Originally written by..." and the names of all the writers and "Original score by..." shall also appear in the program.
    4. The Board of Directors, as producers of Gaieties, may require script changes. The writers agree to discuss these with the Board and to accept and implement their ultimate decision. The Board must approve the final draft of the script in full before opening.
    5. The writers agree to incorporate script feedback provided by the Board of Directors, the producer, University administrators, and any other pertinent parties as determined by the producer or the Board of Directors.
    6. The writers agree to adhere to all deadlines set by the producer and the Board of Directors.

  2. A script included in Original Winter One Acts is the property of the writer. Ram's Head Theatrical Society shall retain the right to produce the script in the future, with ample notice of the writer.
    1. The writer need not notify the Board of Directors of future publications of productions.
    2. The writer shall consider feedback from the director, performers, producer, and Board of Directors when appropriate.
    3. Ram's Head may publish in media the work or portions of the work within the confines of Stanford University. Examples include posting the script on an official University website, contributing a copy of the script to the University Archive, and featuring written quotations, video recordings, or audio recordings from the production. The writer shall be credited in all cases, but the right to inspect or approve versions of media containing the work shall be waived when used for official Ram's Head or University business.
    4. In future productions, the line "Originally produced by Ram's Head Theatrical Society, Stanford University" must appear in the program unless permission is otherwise granted by the Board of Directors.

To provide a consistent statement of the copyright policy, any publicly released original script should include the Ram's Head Copyright Cover Sheet. The standard templates are available here for Gaieties and OWOA scripts.

Expenditure Policy

Approved: 06/05/90
Amended: 05/17/15

Expenditures for the following activities shall be recovered by revenues associated with their respective activity:

  • Cast retreat
  • T-shirts
  • Program printing, including addenda printing

To insure that t-shirt revenues pay for production expenses, Producers should print t-shirts with the least expensive vendor possible. Producers should also calculate price per shirt as follows:

  1. Assume fewer than the number of t-shirts actually printed will be sold (i.e. 80%).
  2. Divide total production expenses by that number.

For example, 100 shirts are printed at a total cost of $850. Assuming only 80 shirts are sold, the minimum price per shirt should be $850/80, or $10.63.

Hiring and Casting Guidelines

Approved: 10/26/94
Amended: 05/17/15

The following sentence shall be legibly printed on publicity for all staff interviews:

"Ram's Head encourages people of all experience levels to apply."

The following sentence shall be legibly printed on publicity for all auditions:

"Ram's Head encourages people of all experience levels to audition."

Logo Use Policy

Logo Files
Horizontal Logo: .psd | white.jgp | black.jpg
Vertical Logo: .ai | .jpg
Turlura Goldfarb (Ram's Head): .psd | white.jpg | black.jpg

Purpose: The logos of Ram's Head Theatrical Society provide identification of individual shows with the organization as a whole. The community hopefully will recognize and appreciate the quality behind the Ram's Head name, thus increasing both participation and audience attendance.

To keep the Ram's Head look consistent, the Ram's Head logos shall be used as follows:

  1. The "horizontal" logo shall be used on all official business material, including but not limited to: business cards, stationary, envelopes, correspondence, purchase orders, financial documents, and official records.
  2. The horizontal logo must be used on the first (title) page of the program.
  3. The "vertical" logo (see below) may be used only on publicity materials, such as posters; however, the use of either logo on such material is left to the discretion of the graphic artist.
  4. Only show producers, the Executive Producer, Board of Director, and Executive Staff may use the logos without permission.
  5. Any other uses of the Ram's Head logos not covered above are left to the discretion of the show producer or the Executive Producer.
  6. The Ram's Head logos may only be used for official Ram's Head business.

Poster Policy

Approved: 04/21/87

Purpose: The desired effect is to have audiences associate each show they see with "Ram's Head." Hopefully this association will encourage patrons to attend all Ram's Head shows (i.e. if they like Gaieties they will come to see spring show.)

Posters are a means for publicizing shows presented by Ram's Head Theatrical Society. The Ram's Head logo and the words "Ram's Head Presents" must be prominently displayed on show posters.

A poster must also include the following information:

  1. The name of the show
  2. The performance dates (including the year)
  3. The performance times
  4. Location of the performance
  5. Ticket price
  6. Where to purchase tickets;
  7. A website for more information (when available)

The year of the show should be on the poster so that posters in the Ram's Head archives can be easily identified and sorted.

Make it pretty, but make it publicity.

prominent adj. 1. Jutting out; projecting. 2. Conspicuous in position, character or importance.

Producer Selection Consent Policy

Approved: 05/17/15

Purpose: The Ram's Head Constitution states that show Producers "hall be selected, through an interview process, by a committee consisting of at least one Board member, the past Producer, the Executive Producer, and the new Executive Producer, if chosen, and with the consent of the Board of Directors.". In order to ensure that all members of the Board are allowed to give consent in an informed and thoughtful manner, the following process shall be observed:

  1. After committee selection of a candidate, the past Producer shall notify board of the preferred candidate and discuss the selection process. Board members are free to ask any questions regarding the candidates or the process. The past Producer may notify and gain consent from Board members separately or as a group.
  2. No candidate, successful or unsuccessful, is to be notified of the results of the selection process until consent has been secured from all members of the Board of Directors and their concerns or questions fully addressed.

Production Frequency Policy

Approved: 05/11/06

No spring show may be produced more than once over the space of eight years. This means that seven years (seven different shows) must separate productions of the same show. Exceptions to this policy may be granted at the discretion of the Board of Directors in extreme circumstances.

Program Policy

Approved: 05/17/15

The following sentence shall be included on all show programs:

"Ram's Head Theatrical Society is supported by the Ram's Head Endowment, initiated in 2013 and made possible in part through donations in memory of Laura Wilson (Executive Producer 1995-1996, Once On This Island Producer 1995). To donate to the Ram's Head endowment, visit ramshead.stanford.edu."

Service Awards

Call for Nominations

The Board of Directors of Ram's Head bestows Service Awards upon those individuals "who have performed work above and beyond the call of duty in the service of the organization and its productions." Any active member is eligible, with the exception of the members of the Board.

If you know someone who has "consistently shown dedication to the aims and ideals of Ram's Head," but who isn't necessarily getting the recognition he or she deserves, let us know. Write a paragraph or two about the outstanding work that that individual has performed for us.

We present these awards at the Ram's Head Gala in the spring. The full text of the proposal is printed below.

Service Award Definition and Policies

Ram's Head Service Awards shall recognize Ram's Head members who have performed work above and beyond the call of duty in the service of the organization and its productions. In particular, they are designed to honor individuals who have consistently shown dedication to the aims and ideals of Ram's Head, but who may not necessarily have had the recognition associated with starring roles or major staff positions. Nonetheless, no specific restriction shall be placed on the particular experience of any recipient.

  • Any Ram's Head member active in production or executive staff within the last 12 months shall be eligible for nomination, with the exception of current members of the Board of Directors.
  • Each nomination shall include a short description of the nominee's outstanding actions.
  • Any member of the organization may make a nomination.
  • A call for nominations shall be made by a member of the Board of Directors, Executive Staff, or the producer during tech week of each show, and a reminder shall be issued on closing night, when the memories of those individuals' actions is fresh in the minds of the cast and crew. If possible, it is recommended that other frequent reminders be issued during the run of the show.
  • However, nominations shall be accepted by the Board of Directors at any time.

The Board of Directors shall convene for the Service Award committee meeting no more than one week after the closing of the Spring Musical to review the nominations and select the recipients. They shall select a Board member to serve as Chair for this meeting. The Board of Directors may decide in any manner they see fit, using the following criteria:

  • Consistent dedication to the organization and its goals.
  • Action above and beyond the call of duty in the service of the organization.
  • An absence of traditional theatrical forms of recognition.

Nominees who have not received starring roles or major staff positions shall be favored above those who have. It is hoped that the awards will serve as surrogate 'curtain calls' or 'program notes' for those individuals who would not otherwise receive such recognition.

The number of potential awards shall be unspecified, but in making their selection, the Board should bear in mind both the broad applicability of the award as well as the preservation of its prestige. (A rough guideline shall be one award per twenty-five to thirty eligible members.)

The awards shall be presented at a formal ceremony open to the full membership, to occur any time between the last production of the year and graduation week. This may occur as a part of the Ram's Head Gala or at a separate event. The physical award shall be presented subsequent to a short speech given by a member of the Board of Directors describing the recipient's experience and qualifications for receiving the award, and summarizing the contents of that recipient's nominations.

Social Budget Policy

Approved: 11/27/11

In order to ensure fair distribution of Ram's Head funds across cast and staff for all shows, the total Social Expense subsidy for events including parties, food, and retreat, shall be capped at a dollar amount times the number of cast members. That amount is to be determined every year by the Board in order to accommodate inflation and budget. Any additional expenses must be paid in full by social dues to be determined by the individual show's producer.

Current Policies

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Anyone conducting official Ram's Head business or partaking in an official Ram's Head event is expected to adhere to these policies. Board members, Executive Staff, and producers are expected to be familiar with these policies and to enforce them in their official business with the organization. The Board of Directors is responsible for the approval and ultimate enforcement of all policies.