How exactly does REACH help?

REACH raises funds for schools and projects in Kenya and Bangladesh that provide education to underprivileged children.
Furthermore, by increasing awareness of the plight of children and families in developing nations who do not have access to education or who have access to only poor quality education, we hope to inspire individuals to take up their own initiatives. Every small action counts, as over time it is magnified a hundredfold until it becomes a sweeping change.

What are your current projects?

Information and photographs from our current project will be displayed in a few weeks.

How can I as an individual help?

Become more aware! Inform others of what you know.
Even the fact that you take the time and trouble to keep yourself aware of the issues facing children around the world can affect the way people around you think. Empathy and understanding on behalf of one individual can inspire others to take action.

Volunteer your time!
Even a few hours can go a long way! We welcome anyone who would like to help in whatever capacity, short-term or long-term. Please contact us at for more information.

How can we as a group/organization help?

At REACH, we believe that we can make a much bigger impact in the lives of the people we serve if we work together. Together, we can achieve much more than we ever could alone. This is why we believe in forming strong community partnerships. REACH welcomes any groups and organizations to co-sponsor both awareness and fundraising events with us. Please e-mail us at

Why Kenya and Bangladesh?

The task at hand is huge and in order to ensure that we not only contribute most effectively but learn deeply from our work – it is vital that we narrow down the scope of our efforts. Kenya and Bangladesh are the two nations where we already have the necessary infrastructure. In addition, they give us bases in sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia, two regions where the need for quality education is most acute.