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Professional Experience

Associate Professor of Political Science, Stanford University (2008 – present)
Assistant Professor of Political Science, Stanford University (1998 – 2007)

Visiting Professor, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, NJ [non-residential] (2009-2010)

Laurence S. Rockefeller Visiting Fellow, Center for Human Values, Princeton University

September 2004 – June 2005. Simultaneously appointed as Visiting Asst. Prof. at the Center for Human Values


School of Education, Stanford University

  • 1998, Ph.D. in Philosophy of Education, M.A. in Philosophy

Yale University

  • 1991, B.A., Philosophy

Research Grants/Awards

2014, PI, Funding from multiple foundations in support of Ethics of Data in Civil Society conference ($70,000 total), September 2014

2011-13, PI, Funding from three foundations in support of Philanthropy, Policy, and Technology project ($450,000 total, $150K each from the Gates Foundation, Mott Foundation, and Hewlett Foundation) hosted by Stanford Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society.

2010-13, Spencer Foundation grant on Equality of Educational Opportunity, $500,000 (co-PI with Debra Satz)

2009-11, Spencer Foundation Grant of $49,975 to support project on “Education, Schools, and the State” [co-PI with Danielle Allen, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, NJ]

2009-11, Ford Foundation Grant of $75,000 to support project on “Education, Schools, and the State” [co-PI with Danielle Allen, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, NJ]

2006-08, Stanford University UPS Endowment Award of $39,000 for project on “Equality or Adequacy in Education?”

Fellowship Awards

2011-12,  Institute for Research in the Social Sciences (IRiSS) Fellowship.

2009-10, Nonresidential Fellowship, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, NJ.

2004-05, Laurance S. Rockefeller Visiting Fellow at the Center for Human Values, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ.

2004-05, Visiting Fellowship offered at the Center on Ethics and the Professions, Harvard University (declined).

2002-2006, Selected for participation in the Young Faculty Leadership Forum, Harvard University, organized by Prof. Richard Light, JFK School.

2002, Postdoctoral Fellowship from the Spencer Foundation and National Academy of Education

2001-2002, Stanford Humanities Center Faculty Fellowship

2000, Visiting Fellow at the International Center for Jefferson Studies, Charlottesville, VA.

1997 – 1998, The Gerald J. Lieberman Fellowship, one of nine fellowships awarded to graduate students by Stanford University “in a broad array of disciplines across all seven of Stanford’s Schools, designed to support the next generation of academic leaders.”

1997 – 1998, Stanford Humanities Center Dissertation Resident Fellowship, one of eight fellowships awarded to Stanford doctoral students “of unusual promise and achievement” in the humanities.

Teaching Awards

2010 – 2015 Stanford University Alumni Fellow in Undergraduate Education, part of the Bass University Fellows Program at Stanford.

2008 Phi Beta Kappa Undergraduate Teaching Prize

2001 The Walter J. Gores Award. Stanford University’s highest award for teaching, “celebrating achievement in educational activities that include lecturing, tutoring, advising, and discussion leading,” awarded each year to only two faculty members from across the entire university.

1999 – 2000 The Associated Students of Stanford University Distinguished Teaching Award.

Other Awards

2011  Selected as Class Day Lecturer, Stanford Commencement Ceremony, June 2011.  “Promise and Peril of the New Social Economy”

2010  The Stanford University Miriam Aaron Roland Volunteer Service Prize, recognizing “Stanford faculty who engage and involve students in integrating academic scholarship with significant and meaningful volunteer service to society.” Co-recipient with Debra Satz, for our work in creating and running the Hope House Scholars Program.



Bridging Liberalism and Multiculturalism in Education, University of Chicago Press, 2002.

Reviewed to date in New York Times, Perspectives on Politics, Ethics, Political Theory, Philosophy in Review, Theory and Research in Education, Journal of Philosophy of Education, Contemporary Sociology, Educational Policy, Times Educational Supplement.

Democracy at Risk: How Political Choices Undermine Citizen Participation, and What We Can Do About It, Brookings Institution Press, 2005.

Authors: Stephen Macedo, Yvette Alex-Assensoh, Jeffrey M. Berry, Michael Brintnall, David E. Campbell, Luis Ricardo Fraga, William A. Galston, Christopher F. Karpowitz, Margaret Levi, Meira Levinson, Keena Lipsitz, Richard G. Niemi, Robert D. Putnam, Wendy M. Rahn, Rob Reich, Robert R. Rodgers, Todd Swanstrom, and Katherine Cramer Walsh

Final report of the Standing Committee on Civic Education and Engagement of the American Political Science Association, of which I was a member between 2002 and 2005. I contributed substantially to chapter 1, “Toward a Political Science of Citizenship” and chapter 4, “Associational Life and the Nonprofit and Philanthropic Sector.”

Toward a Humanist Justice: The Political Philosophy of Susan Moller Okin, Oxford University Press, 2009.

I co-edited (with Debra Satz) this volume of essays on the work of Susan Moller Okin. I am co-author of the introductory chapter on Okin’s work and the nature of the volume. Contributors: Nancy Rosenblum, Joshua Cohen, Elizabeth Wingrove, John Tomasi, David Miller, Molly Lynn Shanley, Cass Sunstein, Ayelet Shachar, Allison Jaggar, Chandran Kukathas, Robert Keohane, and Iris Marion Young.

Education, Justice, and Democracy, University of Chicago Press, 2013.

A co-edited volume (with Danielle Allen, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton) focusing on intersections between normative and empirical approaches to the study of and purpose of education.  I am co-author of the introductory chapter and single author of a chapter in the volume.  Contributors include: Anthony Laden, Susanna Loeb, Richard Rothstein, Helen Ladd, Harry Brighouse, Adam Swift.

The book was award the 2013 PROSE Award for the best book in education. The PROSE Awards annually recognize the very best in professional and scholarly publishing by bringing attention to distinguished books, journals, and electronic content in over 40 categories. Judged by peer publishers, librarians, and medical professionals since 1976, the PROSE Awards are extraordinary for their breadth and depth.

Occupy the Future, MIT Press/Boston Review, 2013.

 A co-edited volume (with David Grusky, Doug McAdam, and Debra Satz) produced in the wake of the Occupy movement that examines the consequences of severe inequality for democracy and identifies reforms that could bring democratic institutions in closer alignment with democratic ideals.  I co-wrote the introduction and chapter on Ethics and Inequality. Contributors include: Kenneth Arrow, David Laitin, Paul and Anne Ehrlich, Sean Reardon, and Gary Segura.

Philanthropy in Democratic Societies, University of Chicago Press, forthcoming.

 A co-edited volume (with Lucy Bernholz and Chiara Cordelli) about the role of philanthropy in democratic societies. Contributors include: Jonathan Levy, Olivier Zunz, Rob Reich, Aaron Horvath and Walter Powell, Paul Brest, Ray Madoff, Lucy Bernholz, Ryan Pevnick, Chiara Cordelli, and Eric Beerbohm.


Articles in Refereed Journals and Books:

“Philanthropy in Democratic Societies,” with Lucy Bernholz and Chiara Cordelli, in Philanthropy in Democratic Societies, Bernholz, Cordelli, Reich, eds., forthcoming.

“On the Role of Foundations in Democratic Societies,” in Philanthropy in Democratic Societies, Bernholz, Cordelli, Reich, eds., forthcoming.

“Intergenerational Transfers of Private Wealth: How Philanthropic Institutions Can Serve Future Generations” with Chiara Cordelli, in Institutions for Future Generations, Axel Gosseries and Iñigo González, eds., under review with Oxford University Press

“Gift Giving and Philanthropy in Market Democracy,” Critical Review, Vol. 26, Nos. 3-4, 2014.

“Can Charity Diminish Complicity?” Yale Human Rights & Development Law Journal, Vol. 17, 2014

“Philanthropy and Caring For the Needs of Strangers,” in Social Research, Vol. 80, No. 2, 2013: 517-538.

“Equality, Adequacy, and K12 Education,” in Education, Justice, and Democracy, Danielle Allen and Rob Reich, University of Chicago Press, 2013.

“Education, Justice, and Democracy,” with Danielle Allen, in Education, Justice, and Democracy, Danielle Allen and Rob Reich, eds., University of Chicago Press, 2013: 1-15.

“The Great Recession, Philanthropy, and the Nonprofit Sector: Has the Great Recession Made Americans Stingier?” with Christopher Wimer, Shazad Mohamed, and Sharada Jambulapati, in The Great Recession, David Grusky and Christopher Wimer, eds., Russell Sage, 2011.

“Toward a Political Theory of Philanthropy,” Giving Well: The Ethics of Philanthropy, Patricia Illingworth, Thomas Pogge, Leif Wenar, eds., Oxford University Press, 2010.

“Educational Authority and Children’s Rights,” chapter for the Oxford Handbook of Philosophy of Education, Harvey Siegel, ed. Oxford University Press, 2009.

“Toward a Humanist Justice: A Critical Introduction to the Work of Susan Moller Okin,” with Debra Satz, in Toward a Humanist Justice, Debra Satz and Rob Reich, eds., Oxford University Press, 2009: 3-12.

How and Why to Support Common Schooling and Educational Choice at the Same Time,” Journal of Philosophy of Education Vol. 41 (4) 2007: 709-725.

On Regulating Homeschooling: A Reply to Glanzer,” Educational Theory, Vol. 58 (1) 2008: 17-23.

“Common Schooling and Educational Choice as a Response to Pluralism,” lead essay in School Choice Policies and Outcomes: Philosophical and Empirical Perspectives on Limits to Choice in Liberal Democracies, Walter Feinberg and Christopher Lubienski, eds. (Albany, NY: SUNY Press, 2008).

“When Adequate Isn’t: The Retreat From Equity in Educational Law and Policy and Why it Matters”, with William S. Koski, Emory Law Review, Vol. 56, No. 3 (2006).

“Philanthropy and its Uneasy Relation to Equality” in Taking Philanthropy Seriously: Beyond Noble Intentions to Responsible Giving, William Damon and Susan Verducci, eds. (Bloomington, IN: Indiana University Press, 2006)

“A Failure of Philanthropy: American Charity Shortchanges the Poor, and Public Policy is Partly to Blame,” Stanford Social Innovation Review, Winter 2005: 24-33.

Minors Within Minorities: A Problem for Liberal Multiculturalists”, in Minorities Within Minorities: Equality, Rights, and Diversity, Jeff Spinner-Halev and Avigail Eisenberg, eds., Cambridge University Press, 2005: 209-26.

A Liberal Democratic Approach to Language Justice,” co-author with David Laitin, in Political Theory and Language Justice, Will Kymlicka and Alan Patten, eds., Oxford University Press, 2003: 80-104.

Multicultural Accommodations in Education,” in Education and Citizenship in Liberal-Democratic Societies: Teaching for Cosmopolitan Values and Collective Identities, Walter Feinberg and Kevin McDonough, eds., Oxford University Press, 2003: 299-324.

“Testing the Boundaries of Parental Authority Over Education: The Case of Homeschooling,” Political and Moral Education, NOMOS XLIII, Stephen Macedo and Yael Tamir, eds., New York: New York University Press, 2002: 275-313.

Opting Out of Education: Yoder, Mozert, and the Autonomy of Children,” Educational Theory, Vol. 52, No. 4, Fall 2002: 445-61.

The Civic Perils of Homeschooling,” Educational Leadership, April 2002: 56-9.
(Translated into Georgian, and appearing in the Georgian Journal of American Studies, 2005).

Families and Schools as Compensating Agents in Moral Development for a Multicultural Society,” with Susan Moller Okin, The Journal of Moral Education, Vol. 28, No. 3, 1999: 283-98.

Confusion About the Socratic Method: Socratic Paradoxes and Contemporary Invocations of Socrates,” in Philosophy of Education: 1998, Philosophy of Education Society, Urbana, IL.

The Paradoxes of Education in Rorty’s Liberal Utopia,” in Philosophy of Education: 1996, Philosophy of Education Society, Urbana, IL.

Re-Examining the Team A – Team B Exercise,” The International Journal of Intelligence and Counterintelligence, Vol. 3, No. 3, 1989: 387-403.

Review Essays and Book Reviews:

Review essay on Ruth Grant’s Strings Attached: Untangling the Ethics of Incentives (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2012),  Perspectives on Politics Vol. 12 (1) 2014: 223-4.

Review essay on Sigal Ben-Porath’s Citizenship Under Fire (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2006), Journal of Philosophy of Education, Vol. 41 (1) 2007.

Review essay on Amy Gutmann’s Identity in Democracy (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2003), Theory and Research in Education, Vol. 5 (2) 2007: 241-51.

Frederick Hess’s With the Best of Intentions: How Philanthropy is Reshaping K-12 Education (Cambridge: Harvard Education Press, 2005) in Teachers College Record, 2006.

Stephen Macedo’s Diversity and Distrust: Civic Education in a Multicultural Democracy (Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1999) in Philosophy in Review Vol. 20 (6) (December 2000): 430-1.


“Civil Society” with Brian Coyne, an entry in the forthcoming Encyclopedia of American Governance, Stephen Schechter, ed., MacMillan Press.

“Liberalism” an entry in The Encyclopedia of Educational Theory and Philosophy, Denis Phillips, ed., Sage Publications, 2014: 479-484.

Not Very Giving,” op-ed, New York Times, September 4, 2013.

Four White Papers on Philanthropy, Technology, and Policy, 2013.

  • The Emergence of Digital Civil Society (with Lucy Bernholz and Chiara Cordelli), 2013
  • Shifting Ground Beneath Us: Framing Nonprofit Policy for the 21st Century (with Lucy Bernholz and Chiara Cordelli), 2013
  • Good Fences: The Importance of Institutional Boundaries in the New Social Economy (with Lucy Bernholz and Chiara Cordelli), 2013
  • Social Policy Forecast 2013 (with Lucy Bernholz)
  • For more, see

“Much Ado About MOOCs” part of an online forum (with William Bowen, Michael Gecan, and Thomas Leddy) on online learning in Boston Review, June 2013.

“What are Foundations For?”, cover article in Boston Review March/April 2013. With responses by Diane Ravitch, Paul Brest, Tyler Cowen, Pablo Eisenberg, Eric Beerbohm, Gara LaMarche, Stanley Katz, Deborah Fung, Rick Cohen, Seana Valentine Shiffrin, Larry Kramer, Robert Ross, Emma Saunders-Hastings, Christopher Coyne.

Study of Undergraduate Education at Stanford University, 2012. (Co-Author of report, and member of committee tasked with revising undergraduate education.)

“Ethics and Inequality” with Debra Satz, online at Boston Review, Dec. 2011

Report of the National Commission on Civic Investment in Public Education, participant and co-author of final report, released by the Public Education Network, 2011.

Introduction to the Symposium on Equality and Adequacy,” a special issue of the journal Education, Finance and Policy, Vol. 3 (4) (2008). Contains articles by Helen Ladd, Debra Satz, Harry Brighouse and Adam Swift, and Kenneth Strike.

Equality and Adequacy in the State’s Provision of Education: Mapping the Conceptual Landscape”, a report prepared for Getting Down to Facts, a research project released in March 2007 consisting of more than 20 studies designed to provide California’s citizens with comprehensive information about the status of the state’s school finance and governance systems. For more information, see:

Philanthropy and Its Uneasy Relation to Equality,” Philosophy and Public Policy Quarterly, Vol. 26 (3/4) (2006), published by the Institute for Philosophy and Public Policy at the University of Maryland.

“Service Learning and Multiple Models of Engaged Citizenship”, Boston University Journal of Education, Vol. 186 (1) 2005: 23-28.

“Editor’s Introduction” for a special issue of Theory and Research in Education on the work of Susan Moller Okin, Vol. 4, No. 1, 2006: 7-8. [I was guest editor for this issue.]

Why Homeschooling Should Be Regulated,” in Homeschooling in Full View: A Reader, Bruce S. Cooper, ed. (Greenwich, CT: Information Age Publishing, 2005): 109-120.

Hope House Scholars: The Universal Reach of the Liberal Arts” an essay with Debra Satz, Dissent, Winter 2004: 72-5.

A Brief Response to Papers by David Laitin and François Grin,” in Cultural Diversity versus Economic Solidarity, Philippe Van Parijs ed., Brussels: Deboeck Université, “Francqui Scientific Library”, 2004: 211-12.

Common Schooling and Educational Choice“, an entry in A Companion to the Philosophy of Education, Randall Curren, ed., Blackwell Publishers, 2003: 430-442.

Liberal Pluralism? A Response to Richard Shweder”, in Philosophy of Education: 2003, Philosophy of Education Society, Urbana, IL: 74-5.

The Socratic Method: What it is and How to Use it in the Classroom”, a lecture delivered in 2003 at the Center for Teaching and Learning, Stanford University, as part of its Award Winning Teachers on Teaching Lecture series. A version of this lecture is available at:

An entry on Rainer Maria Rilke’s “Archaic Torso of Apollo” in Teaching With Fire: Poetry That Sustains the Courage to Teach, Sam M. Intrator and Megan Scribner, eds., (San Francisco: Jossey Bass, 2003): 146-7.

Revitalizing the Ecosystem for Youth: A New Perspective for School Reform,” with Michael Timpane, Phi Delta Kappan, February 1997: 464-70.

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