Current Courses

Constituting Justice [syllabus]

Graduate Seminar on Autonomy [syllabus]

Honors Seminar in Ethics in Society [syllabus]

Graduate Workshop in Philanthropy and Civil Society [syllabus]

Where Did You Go, Olympia Snowe? Redesigning Congress for Bipartisanship [d.school pop-up class; syllabus]



Past Courses

Election 2012 [syllabus] [Stanford iTunes/video of class sessions available here]

Justice at Home and Abroad: Civil Rights in the 21st C [syllabus]

Ethics and Politics of Public Service [syllabus]

Introduction to the Humanities: Freedom, Equality, Difference [syllabus]

Theories of Civil Society, Philanthropy, and the Nonprofit Sector [syllabus]

Food and Politics [syllabus]

Children’s Citizenship: Justice Across Generations [syllabus]

Contemporary Theories of Justice [syllabus]


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