Welcome to the Office for Religious Life

Our Mission

“To guide, nurture and enhance spiritual, religious and ethical life within the Stanford University community.”

We are collectively committed and devoted to ensuring lively, thoughtful and supportive contexts for Stanford students, faculty and staff who wish to pursue spiritual interests. We recognize that a spiritual/religious journey can be an important, balancing complement to the numerous challenges one faces in the pursuit of academic and career goals.

While each one of us participates in and leads worship and study in her/his own religious traditions, our primary objective as a staff is to collaborate as a multi-faith team and work with all constituents of this dynamic university.

Our aim is to promote enriching dialogue, meaningful ritual, and enduring friendships among people of all religious backgrounds.


“Om Under the Dome”
Yoga on the Labyrinth

Thursday, July 17, 5:30-7:00 pm
Memorial Church

Rejuvenate the body, mind and spirit as we perform sacred gestures in the sacred space of Memorial Church on a sacred piece of geometry, the labyrinth. The space and light this architecture offers to visitors is awe inspiring and memorable. This labyrinth event will be led by yoga instructor Rebecca Snowball. Please bring your yoga mat. More information >>