Stanford Associated Religions

Stanford Associated Religions (SAR)

The Office for Religious Life oversees and provides support for Stanford Associated Religions (SAR), some 40 religious organizations invited to offer their spiritual services to the campus. All SAR organizations, individual members and advisors pledge:

(a) to promote the moral and spiritual growth of the Stanford University community;

(b) to support Stanford’s steady exercise of free inquiry and its pursuit of the highest standards of intellectual and moral excellence;

(c) to represent that group and its purposes forthrightly, while at the same time treating with respect the religious traditions and activities of others; and

(d) to safeguard the religious freedom, human dignity, conscience and personal spiritual welfare of all members of the university.

In addition to the groups that comprise SAR, roughly a dozen student religious organizations affiliate only through the Office of Student Activities.

SAR Directory

Directory Key:

SP: student president
A: advisor
PL: professional leader


Atheists, Humanists, and Agnostics at Stanford (AHA!)
SP: Aaron Silverman,, 704-605-1824
A: Franco Moretti,, 650-723-4590

Atheists, Humanists, and Agnostics (AHA!) at Stanford holds discussion meetings, social events, movie screenings, and much more, to support the interests of nonreligious students. We also organize larger educational events, such as guest lectures, of more general interest to the university community. All events are open to anyone, and we welcome friendly and respectful dialogue with religious students and student organizations.


Baha’i Association
SP: David Khavari,, 650-714-1506
A: Paul Khavari,, 650-867-0812

The aim of the Baha’i Association at Stanford is to dialogue with individuals and groups who are interested in asking questions about the nature of man and society. We provide a unique function at the university by creating a forum for the open and frank discussion of issues, without party political bias or doctrinal prejudice.


Buddhist Community Association at Stanford (BCAS)
SP: Simon Wiles,, 650-646-7994
A: Dr. Irene Lin,, 650-721-6609; Dr. Carl Bielefeldt,, 650-723-0469
The Buddhist Community at Stanford is an ecumenical group dedicated to creating a supportive community for Buddhist study and practice. We welcome experienced Buddhists from different traditions as well as people who are exploring.

World Peace Buddhists (WPB)
SP: Victoria Yeow Pei Zhuang, 650-283-7741
A: Nora Richardson,, 650-465-2317
WPB is a group of Stanford students practicing Nichiren Daishonin’s Buddhism. WPB members are interested in promoting peace, culture and education on campus and in the community based on Buddhist principles. Most members are a part of Soka Gakkai International.

Acts 2 Christian Fellowship (A2CF)
SP: Gun Ho Lee,, 408-828-7810
A: Scott Limb,, 408-489-9875; Cindy Limb,, 408-309-9153; Timothy Yoo,, 408-314-4703
A2 at Stanford is a Christian group that meets together to grow in our relationship with Jesus Christ through Bible studies, prayer, and koinonia (fellowship). At our meetings you’ll find us singing, laughing, eating, and talking about issues relevant to Christians in college.

Adventist Christian Fellowship
A: Dylan Dawkins,
Adventist Christian Fellowship is to be a Bible-based community of faith on the Stanford campus that is a witness to God’s character of love as revealed most fully in Christ and in His Law. ACF encourages individuals to experience and share the Gospel’s transformative power found in a daily walk with Jesus.

Catholic Community at Stanford (CCAS)
SP: Hannah Abalos,, 408-489-2275
PL: Fr. Xavier Lavagetto, O.P.,, 650-723-2490
A: Lourdes Alonso,, 650-723-2490; Teresa Pleins,
The Catholic Community provides activities, fellowships, programs, and services for Catholic students at Stanford.

Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship (XA)
SP: Eyosias Samson,, 512-584-0417
PL: Rev. Glen Davis,, 650-353-7740
Chi Alpha (XA) is a community of students earnestly following Jesus. XA gatherings are informal, charged with music, given to humor and deal with everything from relationships to the nature of truth. XA is sponsored by the Assemblies of God, and we welcome all visitors!

Chinese Campus Evangelistic Fellowship (CCEF)
SP: Nuoya Yang ,, 650-391-5089
A: Dr. Charles M.C. Lee,, 925-286-0540; Jason Lin,, 213-200-1975
Chinese Campus Evangelistic Fellowship (CCEF) is a Christian student organization at Stanford. We believe that Jesus Christ is not only our Savior but also the Lord of our lives.

Christian Science Organization (CSO)
SP: David Hyde,, 650-793-2222
The Christian Science Organization invites the campus community to join us in our study of the Bible and Jesus’s teachings, as well as our textbook, as we meet weekly to read from these books, sing hymns, pray, and share healings we are actively experiencing as followers of Christ.

Christian Students
SP: Grace Hsieh,, 425-894-4229 A: Jeff Chang,, 650-814-0494; Peng Wei,, 650-307-7625
Christian Students has been meeting on the Stanford campus since 1992. Members share the Christian faith and believe that the Bible is the word of God. Members believe that God the Father, the Son, and the Spirit, became a man, Jesus Christ.

Cornerstone (CSTONE)
SP: Thomas Plank,, 303-720-0111
PL: Scott Scruggs,, 650-567-7911; Britton Wood,, 650-789-1124
Cornerstone is the college ministry of Menlo Park Presbyterian Church. Members are committed to becoming students of Jesus individually and within community. Core values involve the practice of spiritual disciplines and the pursuit of Biblical knowledge

SP: Nina Jimenez,, 775-901-2300
A: Scott Grant,, 650-224-4712; Elizabeth Cooledge,
Ekklesia is the college ministry of Peninsula Bible Church in Palo Alto and operates as a partnership with on-campus Christian fellowships. The group invites students into a deeper relationship with others through the life of the church.

Episcopal Lutheran Campus Ministry (ELCM)
SP: Jeremy Booher,, 508-685-2889
PL: Rev. Greg Schaefer,, 650-857-9660; Rev. Andrew Shamel,; Pastor Geoff Browning,, 650-868-4241
A: Maggie Falenschek,
ELCM is a Christian community of Episcopal, Lutheran, and other faith-seeking students. Members meet for worship, fellowship, topical discussions, and community service. Members are a progressive, LGBT-friendly community.

Grace Campus Ministries (GCM)
SP: Albert Chen,, 650-260-5433
A: Dr. Derek Brown; Dr. Cliff McManis,, 650-630-0009
Cardinal Life is a college-age group associated with Grace Bible Fellowship, a Christian church in the Silicon Valley. GCM exists for the purpose of proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ, teaching the Bible, making disciples, and training future leaders on Stanford campus.

International Students Christian Outreach (ISCO)
SP: Clara Fannjiang,, 530-574-7430
PL: Steven Long,, 408-702-5163; Victoria Long,, 408-702-5163
ISCO is a ministry focused on helping international students and their families to thrive at Stanford by providing supportive relationships, activities, classes, cultural experiences, Bible studies, Christian mentoring, and the Good News of Jesus Christ.

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, Undergrad (IVCF)
SP: Lauren Nguyen,, 310-529-9439
A: Tom Bowman,, 808-371-2044; Age Lock, 808-371-2044
InterVarsity Christian Fellowship is an interdenominational, multi-ethnic evangelical Christian ministry to campuses in the U.S. and abroad. IVCF at Stanford members are committed to growing in their knowledge and understanding of Jesus and sharing that experience with those around them.

InterVarsity Graduate Christian Fellowship (IVGRAD)
SP: Steven Bell,, 603-479-2341
PL: Wendy Quay,, 650-391-6864
A: Yang Wu,, 650-724-7608
IVGRAD is the graduate chapter of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. Members seek to follow Christ by living out their vision of spiritual formation, building community, witness and service, and the integration of faith and learning.

Latter-Day Saint Student Association (LDSSA)
SP: Kylee Saunders,, 480-307-0964
A: Jeremy Hunt,, 415-439-3916; Markus Covert,, 650-319-5126
LDSSA is designed to promote faith in Christ, spirituality, growth, and friendship among Latter-day Saints and their friends on campus through classes, discussions, service, and social activities.

Orthodox Christian Fellowship (OCF)
SP: Alex Manley,, (423) 774-0184
PL: Fr. John Kocolas,, (209) 988-2718
OCF is a pan-Orthodox organization dedicated to exploring the Orthodox Christian faith, fostering spiritual growth for Orthodox Christians, and exposing the campus to the faith, cultures, and customs that are uniquely Orthodox. OCF is a dynamic group of students from many different backgrounds who share a common desire to learn more about the 2000-year traditions of the Orthodox Church. All those interested in learning about Orthodoxy, including non-Orthodox, are welcome!

Parakaleo Christian Ministries
SP: Hamin Kim,, 925-786-0687
A: Steve & Erica Lawry,, 650-815-5293
Parakaleo Christian Ministries is a student group focused on teaching the foundations of Biblical counseling. Parakaleo offers a three-quarter course on Biblical counseling with the goal of teaching students to apply God’s written word to their own daily life issues and relationships, and equipping them to counsel others from the Bible under the guidance and empowering of the Holy Spirit.

Progressive Christians at Stanford (PC@S)
SP: Erica McDowell,, 505-710-3009
PL: Rev. Geoff Browning,, 650-868-4241; Rev. Greg Schaefer,, 510-847-1475
Progressive Christians @ Stanford is a Christian fellowship interested in issues of social justice and taking action through community service. PC@S welcome seekers, questioners, doubters, believers and mystics. PC@S is a LGBT-welcoming community. PC@S is sponsored by the United Methodist, Presbyterian (PCUSA), United Church of Christ (Congregational), and American Baptist denominations.

Reformed University Fellowship (RUF)
SP: Andrew Vogeley,, 832-215-5628
PL: Britton Wood,, 205-960-3357
A: Elizabeth Wood, 205-948-4528
RUF is affiliated with the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA). RUF is a Christian fellowship on campus at Stanford University. Members seek to be a place for the convinced and the unconvinced to come and consider the teachings of Jesus and enjoy the community of Christ Followers.

ReJOYce In Jesus Campus Fellowship (RJCF)
SP: Alexis Patterson,, 925-876-2866
A: Valesha Jones,, 650-327-9689
Charismatic Christian on-campus fellowship that is designed to bring people to a deeper and more intimate relationship with Jesus Christ, and conform people to the image of Christ. This is done through a weekly Bible study with Praise and Worship, and fellowship.


Hindu Students Association (HSA)
SP: Vignesh Ganapathi Subramanian,, 650-387-7535
A: Linda Hess,, 650-725-9732; Pallav Agarwal,
Open to all members of the Stanford Community, HSA seeks to spread awareness of Hindu philosophy, culture, and values through invited speaker seminars, philosophy discussion groups, and celebrations during Diwali, Holi, etc.


SP: Erica McDowell,, 505-710-3009
PL: Rev. Joanne Sanders,, 617-230-3358 A: Geoff Browning,
Queerituality (formerly known as the Stanford LGBTQ-Religious Leadership Roundtable) is a group of students, staff, faculty, and clergy who are working to build bridges between LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer/Questioning), spiritual and/or religious individuals and communities at Stanford. Our goals include educating the Stanford community, creating dialogue, and supporting students around issues of religious, spiritual, and LGBTQ identities.


Islamic Society of Stanford University (ISSU)
SP: Zeshan Hussain,, 937-607-3812
A: Farouk Dey,, (650) 725-1789
ISSU’s purpose is to provide services to the Muslim community at Stanford and to enrich the campus community’s understanding of Islam.

Ismaili Students at Stanford (ISAS)
SP: Alisha Adam,, 650-798-4114
A: Nadeem Karmali,, 510-333-6791
The Ismaili Student Association at Stanford aims to provide social, educational and religious programming for Ismaili students and to increase the awareness and understanding of the Ismaili Muslim faith in the Stanford community at large.


Jewish Student Association (JSA)
SP: Noam Rosenthal,, 786-271-2960
A: Heather Paul,, 818-515-1996
The JSA strives to provide fun and inclusive social, cultural, and educational programming for the entire Jewish community on campus, as well as anyone else interested. JSA’s main goals are to help people meet each other, identify with Jewish heritage, and engage Jewishly.

L’Chayim Club: Chabad at Stanford (Chabad)
SP: Gideon Weiler,, 347-805-5633
Advisor: Rabbi Dov Greenberg,, 650-387-4145
L’Chayim Club: Chabad at Stanford is a vibrant Jewish student organization that is dedicated to sharing the warmth, wisdom and depth of Judaism in an exciting, non-judgmental fashion.

Sikh Students Association at Stanford (SSAS)
A: Ravinder Dhillon,, 510-224-4549
SSAS seeks to foster cultural and social awareness about Sikhism to the entire community. Major activities include the annual Lohri celebration event held in early Winter quarter, as well as cultural and religious events held throughout the year and open to the public, such as the weekly prayer sessions.