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May 2015 Galileo

Stanford Review takes a look at Galileo

Stanford Daily Review of Galileo
'The Life of Galileo' fosters criticism of authority:
Thank you to the Noël Coward Society for including our Coward festival in their most recent newsletter!
"In California, we're running out of water, so we'll have to make do with gin."

Stanford Repertory Theater invites you to a free staged reading of Bertolt Brecht’s The Life of Galileo
Directed by SRT Artistic Director Rush Rehm

with Alex Johnson, Christopher Carter, Ryan Hunter, Shelley Lynne Johnson, Tom Freeland, Alex Cheng, Emma Jackson-Smith, Paul Rosenfeld, Victor Verdejo, Publio Adrianza, Sage Behr, Matt Smith, Jeffrey Abbidor, and Shu Chen Ong

8PM - Friday May 15th, and Saturday May 16th
Lathrop 282 (opposite Pigott Theatre)
house opens at 7:30. Open Seating.

January 2015 Words To End All Wars

Words To End All Wars Compiled and directed by Rush Rehm, with Thomas Freeland, Shelley Lynn Johnson, Alex Johnson, Rush Rehm, Ian Anstee, Emma Jackson-Smith, Patrick O'Hare, Ellen Woods, and Tasneem Nanji (saxophone).
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December 2014 Samuel Beckett's Happy Days/O les beaux jours, Paris, France

Words To End All Wars Directed by Rush Rehm, with Courtney Walsh as Winnie, Théâtre de l'École normale supérieure, Paris, France

June – August 2014 Orson Welles: Substantial Shadows

War of the Worlds
Moby Dick - Rehearsed
War of the Worlds Directed by Rush Rehm
with David Arrow, Courtney Walsh, Thomas Freeland, Don DeMico, Monica Cappuccini, Weston Gaylord, Sarah Gage, Dante Belletti, Noemi Berkowitz, Brigitte Wittmer, Elizabeth Knarr, Angela Yeung, and Kristen Dekker
Moby Dick - Rehearsed Directed by Rush Rehm
with Rod Gnapp, Peter Ruocco, Courtney Walsh, David Raymond, Christopher Carter, Ryan Hunter, Louis McWilliams, Maia Kazin, Kaya McGruder, Tim Borgerson, Weston Gaylord, Dante Belletti, Andre Amarotico, Sarah Gage, and Noemi Berkowitz
Symposium “Transformative Stages: Sea Change in Welles and Melville”
Keynote: Steve Vineberg
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May 2014: J.B. Priestley's An Inspector Calls

Andre Amarotico in An Inspector Calls
An Inspector Calls Directed by Rush Rehm
with James Carpenter, Courtney Walsh, Weston Gaylord, Kiki Bagger, Ethan Wilcox, Andre Amarotico, Jenna Wisch
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October – November, 2013 Happy Days/O les beaux jours (Montpellier, France and San Francisco)

Courtney Walsh in Happy Days
Happy Days Directed by Rush Rehm
with Courtney Walsh and Rush Rehm, at Théâtre La Vignette, Montpellier, France, and at Alliance Française, San Francisco.
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2013: He’s Funny That Way: Wilde and Beckett

Happy Days Directed by Rush Rehm
with Courtney Walsh and Don DeMico
The Importance of Being Earnest Directed by Lynne Soffer
with Kay Kostopoulos, Marty Pistone, Courtney Walsh, Austin Caldwell, David Raymond, Jessica Waldman, Ruth Marks, Don DeMico
Symposium “He’s Funny That Way: Wilde and Beckett”
Keynote: Charles Junkerman
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April - July, 2013: Brecht's The Exception and the Rule

Tom Freeland and Courtney Walsh in The Exception and the Rule
The Exception and the Rule Directed by Rush Rehm
with Tom Freeland, April Green, Carolyn MacDonald, Courtney Walsh, and Basel Al-Naffouri
at Stanford University, Eastside College Preparatory School (East Palo Alto), Gunn High School (Palo Alto), Vi in Palo Alto, and the San Francisco Labor Council/Bay Area Labor Fest, Plumbers Local 38 Union Hall, 1621 Market Street, San Francisco (July 22, 2013, at 7:30 pm).
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2012: Restaging Wanderings of Odysseus (Athens, Greece and Palo Alto, CA)

Wanderings of Odysseus
The Wanderings of Odysseus Translated by Oliver Taplin, Directed by Rush Rehm
with Jeffrey Bihr, Peter Ruocco, Courtney Walsh, Paul Baird, Angela Farr Schiller, Ariel Mazel-Gee, Taylor Brady
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2012: Sam Shepard Festival

Curse of the Starving Class
Curse of the Starving Class Directed by Rush Rehm
with Marty Pistone, Courtney Walsh, Jessica Waldman, Max Sosna-Spear, Ben Fisher, Keith C. Marshall, Don DeMico, Michael Vang
Symposium "Sam Shepard and the American West"
Keynote: Frank Murray
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2011: Memory Play Festival

Rush Rehm and Cristina Anselmo in Old Times
Betrayed Directed by Rush Rehm
with Tomer Perry, Basel Al-Naffouri, Paul Princen, Zahar Habib Ghazi, Ranjita Chakravarty
Under Milk Wood Directed by Rush Rehm
with Jeffrey Bihr, Patrick Jones, Kay Kostopoulos, Courtney Walsh, Tom Freeland, Roselyn Hallett, Rachel Kayhan.
Old TImes Directed by Jeffrey Bihr
with Cristina Anselmo, Courtney Walsh, Rush Rehm
Oedipus Directed by Matt Moore

with Tom Freeland, Courtney Walsh, Leigh Marshall, Raine Hoover, Max Sosna-Spear, Anneka Kumli, Sukanya Chakrabarti.
Poetics of Aging (scenes from Sophocles, Euripides, Shakespeare, Beckett Poetics of Aging Conference, San Francisco

with Tom Freeland, Peter Ruocco, Ariel Mazel-Gee, Courtney Walsh
Copenhagen Directed by Rush Rehm
with Peter Ruocco, Julian Lopez-Morillas, Courtney Walsh
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2010: Around the Fire: Homer in Performance

Madhulika Krishna in The Wanderings of Odysseus
The Wanderings of Odysseus Directed by Rush Rehm, translated by Oliver Taplin
with L. Peter Callender, Alex Ubokudom, Courtney Walsh, Paul Baird, Ariel Mazel-Gee, Bronwyn Reed, Luke Taylor, Madhulika Krishna
Embers of War: The Iliad Onstage Translated by Rush Rehm, directed by Foivos Karachalios and Rush Rehm
Omeros by Derek Walcott Arranged by Matt Moore, directed by Matt Moore and Rush Rehm
Symposium "Homer in Performance"
Keynote: Oliver Taplin
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2009: Electra Festival

Courtney Walsh in Sophocles' Electra
Sophocles' Electra Directed by Rush Rehm, translated by Anne Carson
with Valentina Conde, L. Peter Callender, Kay Kostopoulos, Katharine Hawthorne, Luke Taylor, and Courtney Walsh
Aeschylus' Libation Bearers Translated and directed by Rush Rehm
Euripides' Electra Translated and directed by Rush Rehm
Symposium "Public and Private Vengeance—Electra and the Trojan War"
Keynote: Richard Martin
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2008: Brian Friel

Andy Robinson in Faith Healer
Translations Directed by Ed Iskandar
with Geoff Hoyle, Maggie Mason, Will Brill
Faith Healer Directed by Rush Rehm
with Andy Robinson, Courtney Walsh, Jeffrey Bihr
Symposium "Brian Friel and Other Irish Voices"
Keynote: Ingrid Craigie
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2007: Africa on Stage: Let Us Tell You a Story

Anthony J. Haney and Anne Hallinan in Les Blancs
Tings Dey Happen Developed and performed by Dan Hoyle
Directed by Charlie Varon
Les Blancs Directed by Harry J. Elam
with Anthony J. Haney, Rush Rehm, Courtney Walsh, Kieleil Deleon, Aleta Hayes
Farewell to a Cannibal Rage Directed by Rachel Anderson
Oda Oak Oracle Adapted by Rush Rehm, directed by Aika Swai
Miracle in Rwanda Created and performed by Leslie Lewis Sword
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2006: Wicked Wit: Rakes and Rebellion in the Restoration

Leith Burke and Kay Kostopoulos in Restoration Comedy
Restoration Comedy Directed by Amy Freed
with Leith Burke, Jenn Erdmann, Kay Kostopoulos, Jeffrey Bihr, Sarah Moser, Mary Pistone
Don Juan in Hell Directed by Ed Iskandar
Symposium "The Bawdy Politic: Stages in the Restoration"
Keynote: Amy Freed
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2005: Harold Pinter

Rush Rehm and Kay Kostopoulos in The Lover
Night and The Lover Directed by Jeffrey Bihr
with Kay Kostopoulos, Rush Rehm, Nick Allen
The Applicant and The Collection

Directed by Ed Iskandar and Rush Rehm
with Maggie Mason, Nick Allen, Justin Liszanckie, Chris Denton

Press Conference, Special Offer, and The New World Order

Directed by Ed Iskandar and Rush Rehm

Symposium "Pinter—Plays and Politics"
Keynote: Alice Rayner
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2003: Aristophanes

Musical mayhem in Lysistrata
Lysistrata Directed by Rush Rehm, adapted by Amy Freed
with Ann Gregory, Kay Kostopoulos, Geoff Hoyle, Annie Abrams,
Geoff Sobelle, Zack, Stephen Pratt, Jordan Kaplan
Symposium "Serious Laughter"
Keynote: Bruce Barthol, Geoff Hoyle
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2002: Theater and Politics

Scene from Biedermann and the Firebugs
Biedermann and the Firebugs Directed by Aleksandra Wolska
with Rush Rehm, Kay Kostopoulos, Jarek Truszczynski, Annie Abrams
Symposium "Theater on Fire—Politics, Pyrotechnics, and Performance"
Keynote: Rush Rehm
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2001: The Theater of the Absurd

Geoff Hoyle and Jarek Truszczynski in The Chairs
The Chairs Directed by Aleksandra Wolska
with Geoff Hoyle, Jarek Truszczynski, Rush Rehm
The Bald Soprano Directed by Roisin O'Gorman
Symposium "Fool's Gold—Ionesco and the Absurd"
Keynote: Martin Esslin, Herbert Blau
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2000: Beckett Festival

Geoff Sobelle in Waiting for Godot
Waiting for Godot Directed by Aleksandra Wolska
with Geoff Hoyle, Jarek Truszczynski, Geoff Sobelle, Rush Rehm
Act Without Words and Quad Directed by Jarek Truszczynski
Footfalls Directed by Jaime Lyons
Symposium "Inspiring Prospects—On the Lookout for Samuel Beckett"
Keynote: Marjorie Perloff
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1998: A Brecht Centennial

When the Shark Bites Poster, Shanghai
Experimental Theater Festival

When the Shark Bites—
A Brecht/Weill Cabaret

Directed by Aleksandra Wolska
with Jarek Truszczynski, Joya Martuscello, Margaret Allen, Jeff Schwartz, Rush Rehm, John Wright
Symposium "Bert Brecht and Kurt Weill—The Collaboration"
Keynote: James Sheehan
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1997: Anton Chekhov

Uncle Vanya Directed by Jarek Truszczynski
with James Shelby, Aleksandra Wolska, Rush Rehm, John Allen,
Lucja Kwasniak, Ada McDaniel
The Bear Directed by Aleksandra Wolska and Rush Rehm
Symposium "Brother Anton—The Life and Theater of Anton Chekhov"
Keynote: Simon Karlinsky
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