Art, Style, and Decadence in the Work of Noël Coward

As part of our summer festival celebrating the life and work of Noël Coward, SRT presents a daylong community symposium on Coward and his remarkable fusion of art, style, and decadence, with lots of laughter and a dollop of disillusionment thrown in
for good measure!

We will explore the complex interrelationship between Coward’ s art and life, focusing on the themes of theatricality, class, politics, homosexuality, and style(both personal and artistic), as we assess Coward’ s influence and impact.International guests join Stanford faculty in a series of lectures, coupled with short performances, including scenes from Nude with Violin, Coward’ s 1956 satire on the modern art market( in honor of the opening of the Anderson Collection at the Cantor Arts Center), and a panel discussion involving SRT company members.

We begin the day with morning coffee and muffins, repair for a luncheon of culinary distinction( in the Coward manner), and recharge the afternoon with coffee, tea, and bikkies(cookies).

Pigott Theater, Memorial Auditorium(Memorial Way) Saturday August 1, 2015 9: 30 am to 5 pm $90(including lunch)

Enrollment at the Stanford Continuing Studies website, April 2015 For further information, email srt@

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