General information

The Representation Stability group at Stanford University is run by Tom Church and Jenny Wilson.

During Winter 2015 the reading group is not meeting. In Fall 2014 we read three papers:

Representation stability and finite linear groups, by Andrew Putman and Steven Sam
Gröbner methods for representations of combinatorial categories, by Steven Sam and Andrew Snowden
Noetherian property of infinite EI categories, by Wee Liang Gan and Liping Li

Friday 8/22: Jenny Wilson, overview of Noetherian theorem
Tuesday 9/2: Jenny Wilson, proof of Noetherian theorem
Friday 9/5: Jenny Wilson, proof of Noetherian theorem
Friday 9/12: Thomas Church, applications of Noetherian theorem
Friday 9/19: Graham White, regular languages and generating functions
Tuesday 9/30: Evita Nestoridi, Gröbner categories and Hilbert series
Tuesday 10/7: Thomas Church, Hilbert series of FI-modules and FId-modules
Tuesday 10/14: Jennifer Wilson, FI-, FId, FA-, and FSop-modules are quasi-Gröbner
Tuesday 10/21 (2:30–3:30pm): John Pardon, Δ–modules, lecture 1
Tuesday 10/28 (2:30–3:30pm): John Pardon, Δ–modules, lecture 2
Tuesday 11/4: No lecture
Tuesday 11/11: Thomas Church, Categories of G-injections and G-surjections
Tuesday 11/18: No lecture
Tuesday 12/2 (1–2pm): Patricia Hersh (NC State), Representation stability and Sn-module structure in the partition lattice

10/7: FI, FId, and FA are quasi-Gröbner
10/14: FSop is quasi-Gröbner
10/21 and 10/28: Δ–modules

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