Welcome! We are the Education and Society Theme (EAST) House. We seek to establish the salience of education and the relationship between education and society on Stanford campus through outreach to undergraduates and residential-based programming.
Where is EAST? Living at EAST
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Reasons to Live at EAST

  1. A fantastic community
    We have a cohesive community of 61 residents who love to spend time together. Not to mention, the RFs are Profs with the School of Education and are a young family with two beautiful children. Anthony and Christine invest a lot of love and energy into the house to make it home.
  2. An active Education and Society Theme!
    With the resident fellows and the three theme associates putting together events you will also have direct access to advising and support. If you are interested in education but don't have time to take education classes, we have a plethora of theme events for all levels of interest.
  3. Great social events (with a social budget!)
    Ski trip, ping pong tournaments, pumpkin picking, outings to San Francisco to see Spamalot and Cirque du Soleil, and more! Plus, which house manages to have 49 people go on a ski trip?
  4. Incredible food (esp. during special dinner!)
    Food-wise, we have a sweet dining plan (pun intended) through Stanford Dining, including open kitchen, cardinal dollars, and, in addition to our in house meals (11 per week), another meal once a week anywhere on campus. You also get 5 guest meals, as well. The three seminars taught in the house also serve meals, and food is provided at all of our education-related events. We top it all off with our great tradition of barbecues before home football games, and when there's particularly nice weather outside.
  5. Newly Renovated House!
    EAST was just renovated in the Summer of 2011. We have a sparkling new kitchen and a new seminar room for theme events. Rooms are spacious- there are many 2-room doubles and large 1-room doubles. EAST also has several balconies and high ceilings! And check the map: it's actually CLOSER to Memchu than Kimball.
EAST is a social upperclass house with great food, an exciting, dynamic theme, and great RFs. We would love for you to stop by for a meal or a tour to find out more.