About Terra

Terra is a 54-person cooperative row house located in the Cowell Cluster at Stanford University. Students work together to clean the house, cook dinner Sunday through Friday and throw amazing all-campus and in-house events. Terra is the LGBTQA house; we often partner with LGBT groups on campus to host events around that theme. With that theme in mind, the residents try to maintain Terra as a safe and open space with respect to all diversity.

More About the House

Terra houses 54 residents each quarter including eight staff members. There are 26 two room doubles, separated by a wall with sliding door. The Community Manager lives in the first floor single, and the Resident Assistant lives in the second floor single. Terra also has a fully equiped commercial kitchen for food preparation, a dining hall, two lounges, a study room, and computing cluster.


Each year the following staff are hired:

  • Resident Assistant: Liaison between ResEd and the House. This person tries to make sure that you have a productive, healthy, and enjoyable stay Terra.
  • Co-Op Manager: Makes sure the house doesn't burn down, collapse, or get carried away by mice.
  • Meat and Menus KM:
  • Dairy and Produce KM:
  • Dry Goods/Bulk KM:
  • Financial Manager: Handles your money.
  • Community Manger: Has the other master Key.
  • Resident Computing Consultant: Keeps the printer running.

Additional Links

  • CoopWeb: This site maintains the co-op community editted wiki. The public facing provides general information on life in Stanford Co-ops. The private facing wiki provides information on how to perform jobs, recipes for cooking etc. This also hosts a service that helps coordinate scheduling menus and jobs for Residents of each coop.

Terra Event Calendar