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Welcome to the Toyon Wiki! Events for Toyon can be seen on the calendar below!

To reserve the Main Lounge, Lobby, Moose Room, or Meg Pitts:

1. Please submit an application to at least two weeks prior to the event.

2. Application submitted less than two week before the event will not be considered and you may not even get a response.

3. No alcohol is allowed in any of the rooms which are reservable through this process.

4. Before submitting the application, please carefully read the reservation guidelines. Then, send the application form to The application form is also available as a word document.

5. A calendar showing the availability of Toyon's spaces is visible below. Please let us know if you do not want your event to be shown on this calendar.

NOTE: Moose Room can only be reserved for non music-related activities.

NOTE: Just because the space appears free on the calendar below that DOES NOT guarantee booking. The Toyon Staff must approve all events.

Red Events are other bookings Purple Events are Toyon Events

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