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Past House Seminars

Autumn 2005

Week 1 - Introduction

Week 2 - Presentation of the Italian Department

Immigration and Emigration

Week 3 - Screening and Discussion of Franco Busati’s Pane e cioccolata

Week 4 - Vetri Nathan (Italian) - “Immigration in Italy Today”

Week 5 - Screening and Discussion of Gianni Amelio’s Lamerica

Italian Music

Week 6 - Giancarlo Aquilanti (Music) - “Italy, the Birthplace of Opera"

Week 7 - Screening and Discussion of Zeffirelli’s Cavalleria Rusticana

Week 8 - David Lummus (Italian)- “Folkmusic from the South: The other side of Italian music”

Il Teatro della Casa

Week 9 - Thanksgiving Holiday – No Seminar

Week 10 - Screening and Discussion of Luigi Comencini’s Le avventure di Pinocchio

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Winter 2006

Italian Theater Production: Carmelo Bene’s Pinocchio
Directed by David Lummus and Dawn Green

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Spring 2006

Italian Cooking (English Section on Tuesdays, Italian Section on Thursdays)

Week 1 - Antipasti: salumi and vegetables (Antipasti: salumi e verdure)

Week 2 - Cheese tasting, with wine (Degustazione formaggi, con vino)

Week 3 - Pinocchio, attendance required – Campbell Recital Hall 8-10 pm

Week 4 - Homemade pasta and sauces (Pasta e condimenti)

Week 5 - The art of the risotto (L’arte del risotto)

Week 6 - Let’s make pizza! (Facciamo la pizza!)

Week 7 - Second courses (I secondi)

Week 8 - And finally, dessert... (E finalmente, i dolci....)

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Italian Film Screenings and Discussion

Week 1 - Manuale d’amore (2005 – in Italian)

Week 2 - Le consequenze dell’amore (2004 – in Italian w/ English subtitles)

Week 3 - Attendance at Pinocchio is required

Week 4 - Mediterraneo (1993 – in Italian w/ English subtitles)

Week 5 - Amnesìa (2002 – in Italian)

Week 6 - I cento passi (2000 – in Italian w/ English subtitles)

Week 7 - Johnny Stecchino (1991 – in Italian w/ English subtitles)

Week 8 - La tigre e la neve (2005 – in Italian)

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Autumn 2006

Week 1 - Introduction

Week 2 (Wed.) - Rigoletto presentation (SF Opera)

Week 2 (Fri.) - Rigoletto performance in simulcast (SF Opera)

Week 3 - Italian Department Reception

Week 4 - Giancarlo Aquilanti (Music) – Italian Pop Music

Week 5 - Discovery Atlas – Italy (Documentary)

Week 6 - Springer (Italian) – Scholarship in Italy

Week 7 - Tom Sheehan (Religious Studies) – The Pope & Italy

Week 8 - Alex Padilla (Casa KM) – Italian Wines

Week 9 - Sabrina Ferri (Italian) – Italian Comics

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Winter 2007

Italian Cultural Presentations - organized by Georgia Duan

This seminar involves Italian-themed performances and presentations on Italian-related topics, as individual or group projects.

Wednesday, 31 January –

  • The Plague in Italy – Jenna Coalson
  • Education in Italy – Teresa Ingram
  • Reading and Interpretation of Stil Novo poetry – Jenna Coalson, Ali Craig, Alex Garcia
  • Biscotti – Elizabeth Guth

Wednesday, 21 February –

  • Italian Wines – Laura Campbell, Rachel Linn, Elizabeth Guth
  • Italian Opera Performance – David Scudder, Carl Erickson
  • Opera Aria – Teresa Ingram
  • The Importance of “Laura” - Laura

Wednesday, 28 February –

  • Skits from The Decameron – Michael Rhaney, Jenna Coalson, Ali Craig, Stephanie Cruz

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Italian Comics - taught by David Lummus (in Italian)

During the course of the quarter, we will read selections from a variety of Italian comic strips and graphic novels in order to catch a glimpse of this aspect of Italian popular culture. Il fumetto in Italy has reached a level of acceptance as an art form and of popularity as a genre that is now comparable to the comic genre in the U.S. Why is this? What does the comic allow the author and reader to do that other popular art forms, such as television and pulp fiction, do not? What political, artistic, and philosophical issues are these comics in dialogue with? How well (or, poorly) do they represent the Italian imagination and way of life? Do they follow or break stereotypical boundaries? These are all questions we will seek to answer this quarter.

Week 1 - Introduction and Organization

Week 2 - Tanino Liberatore, Ranxerox

Week 3 - Andrea Pazienza, Francesco Stella

Week 4 - Bruno Bozzetto, VIP: mio fratello superuomo

Week 5 - Tiziano Sclavi, Dylan Dog: L’alba dei morti viventi

Week 6 - Hugo Pratt, Corto maltese: Corte sconta detta aracana

Week 7 - Igort, 5 è il numero perfetto

Week 8 - Gipi, Appunti per una storia di guerra

Week 9 - Altan, Chronache del belpaese

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Spring 2007

Gusto! Italian Food and Wine - organized by Georgia Duan

This seminar aims to educate residents about the current state of Italian gastronomy in the US, and how Italy still bears influence on our culture. This seminar is a gastronomical survey of Italian foods and wines, through cooking and tasting. Classes involve cooking with Italian culinary experts, samples with Italian wine specialists, use of the gelato machine, and related films.

Week 1 (Mon.) - Alessandra Andrisani, Antipasti

Week 1 (Sat.)* - Beltramo’s White Burgundies, 2:30-5:30 pm

Week 2 (Mon.) - Alexandra Padilla & Georgia Duan, Gelato

Week 2 (Sat.)* - Beltramo’s Cabernets, 2:30-5:30 pm

Week 3 (Mon.) - Mondovino film or trip to Vino Venue (21+ only)*

Week 3 (Sat.)* Beltramo’s Northern Rhones, 2:30-5:30 pm

Week 4 (Mon.) Alessandra Andrisani, Pasta farcita

Week 5 (Sat.)* Beltramo’s Domestic White Wines, 2:30-5:30 pm

Week 5 (Mon.) Big Night film

Week 6 (Mon.) - Class Presentations

Week 7 (Mon.) Giulio Tempesta, Tiramisù

Week 8 (Sat.)* - Trip to Napa Valley with tours of Clos du Val and Sutter Home wineries

Week 9 - MEMORIAL DAY, no class

Week 10 - Class Presentations

*Optional wine tastings (21+ only)

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Contemporary Italian Cinema - taught by David Lummus (in Italian)

During the course of the quarter, we will view a variety of films produced in the past two years (2005-2006) in Italy. The films treat issues like politics and art, criminality, childhood, and coming of age. For Italian-speakers, there will be a discussion section after each film held in Italian.

Wek 1 - Introduction and Organization

Week 2 - Il caimano, 2006, 112 min, dir. Nanni Moretti, (w/ English subtitles)

Week 3 - Regista di matrimoni, 2006, 107 min, dir. Marco Bellocchio, (no subtitles)

Week 4 - Romanzo criminale, 2005, 152 min, dir. Michele Placido, (w/ English subtitles)

Week 5 - Concorso di colpa, 2005, 95 min, dir. Claudio Fragasso, (w/ Italian subtitles)

Week 6 - La bestia nel cuore, 2005, 120 min, dir. Cristina Comencini, (w/ English subtitles)

Week 7 - La guerra di Mario, 2006, 100 min, dir. Antonio Capuano, (w/ Italian subtitles)

Week 8 - Forever Blues, 2006, 90 min, dir. Franco Nero, (w/ Italian subtitles)

Week 9 - Texas, 2005, 105 min, dir. Fausto Paravidino, (w/ Italian subtitles)

Week 10 - Notte prima degli esami, 2006, 100 min, dir. Fausto Brizzi, (w/ English subtitles)

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