Clinician Educator and Professorial Lines

CE - Clinician Educator Line The major criterion for appointment, reappointment and promotion for Clinician Educators is excellence in the overall mix of clinical care and clinical teaching appropriate to the programmatic need the individual is expected to fulfill. More info here.

MCL - Medical Center Line The role of a Medical Center Line (MCL) faculty member is defined by engagement in clinical care, teaching, and scholarly activity that advances clinical medicine. More info here.

NTLR - Non-Tenure Line (Research) The Non-Tenure Line (Research), also known as the Research Line, is used for special programmatic needs that are not fulfilled by faculty in these other lines. Appointments are made coterminous with continued salary or other support from sponsored projects. More info here.

UTL - University Tenure Line Scholarship and teaching (and in some cases, clinical care activities) are the critical components of faculty appointments in the University Tenure Line (UTL). Under normal circumstances, the proportion of time and effort dedicated to scholarship and teaching will be more than that devoted to clinical care. (For those faculty whose primary commitment is to clinical care, appointment in the Medical Center Line [MCL] is normally more appropriate.) More info here.