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We offer interesting and rewarding projects (see also research).

We have two postdoc positions open:


  • Mechano-transduction during zebrafish development (Experimental)
    • The ideal candidate has experience with zebrafish (potentially other model organism) and quantitative imaging. The project goal is to utilize and further develop FRET based molecular forces sensors to study tissue mechanics during early development.
  • Collective hydrodynamics of microswimmers (Theory)
    • The ideal candidate has a strong theoretical background in modeling collective phonomena in biological systems, particularly regarding hydrodynamic effects. The project goal is to develop theories based on data generated in the lab regarding how the (primary hydrodynamic) interactions among swarming cells lead to large scale behavior.


We always have interesting projects for rotation and graduate students.


Generally we are looking for curious, creative and talented people (rotation students, graduate students and postdocs) with various skills and interests:


  • cell / developmental / synthetic / micro-biology
  • (bio-) physics / applied physics / math
  • computer science / bioinformatics
  • web-interfaces / mobile devices / data bases
  • mechanical / electrical engineering / mechatronics
  • bioengineering / microfluidics
  • education
  • game design
  • arts
  • zebrafish / physarum / euglena / dictyostelium / e.coli / biofilms

We always welcome applicants with other backgrounds, and we provide great training opportunities in various areas.


How to apply:

Please email Ingmar [] with statement of your interests and a CV. We also very much welcome your own ideas and project suggestions.